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One of our many services is deck building in Los Angeles. Nexxus Remodeling has worked within the construction industry and Los Angeles for 30+ years. Over this time, we’ve built up reputable relationships with our clients, providing high-quality service at every stage, from the initial call up to the handover of the finished project.

When beginning the process of deciding if a deck is a good addition or not, it can be overwhelming and a struggle to know if it’s a good idea for your home. Nexxus Remodeling will work with you to provide you with realistic solutions that work for you and your family.

Why Expand Your Outdoor Living Area With A Deck?

For many reasons, expanding your living area is an excellent addition to any home. Nexxus Remodeling has worked with various clients and has seen the transformative change it can have. Below are some of our favourite reasons why adding a deck is a great addition.

Create Additional Living Space

When adding a deck to your home, you use up space that was initially left untouched. As a result, you’re able to create an outdoor living space that allows you to open up the house and move freely in and out. Known for its sunny weather, it’s ideal for those warmer months in Los Angeles.

Entertain Family And Friends

The great thing about adding a deck to your yard is the endless possibilities it provides. Along with creating an additional living space, you’re able to use the area to entertain. Decks are great for entertaining, especially when you’re hosting a large group of people at seasonal events such as Fourth of July and Super Bowl parties.

Low And Easy Maintenance

In most scenarios, a deck replaces a grassed area. While grassed areas are significant, they require constant maintenance and mowing every 3-4 weeks. A deck is an easy and practically zero to a low-maintenance solution. The only real care your deck will need is a cleaning every season or after use. This can be done with a quick sweep and mop if needed. Compared to a grassed area, a deck is much less maintenance.

Durable And Built To Last

As with all of our services, we only complete high quality jobs. Nexxus Remodeling understands that any home addition is an investment, so all work completed is built to last. All decks we build are built on a solid foundation, providing longevity.


At Nexxus Remodeling, our team has a wide variety of skill sets and is able to provide you with different options as to what kinds of areas you can create with your decking. We’ve seen customers incorporate built-in seating or space for specific features, such as a pizza oven or large planter boxes in and around their decking. They have a versatile nature and can be created for your particular needs.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Any additions or changes you make to your home will increase its value. A deck is a perfect solution if you’re looking to sell in the future or want to increase your living value. You’ll be adding value by creating that added living space which is a fantastic selling point. If you’re staying in the home for the foreseeable future, you’ll have that space as added value in the form of another living area.

Improve The Overall Look And Feel Of Your Yard

Garden maintenance is something that everyone struggles to keep up with year-round. Swapping out an area of grass or your garden and incorporating a deck instead is an ideal way to use the space.

Should You Restore Or Replace?

Over decades of decks being constantly used, they can begin to look weathered and often benefit from being restored. However, for others, their deck will need to be replaced entirely. We’ve listed some examples below of each to help you determine if your deck can be restored or if it needs to be replaced altogether.


If you think you need a new deck, it might be worth checking and seeing if it can be restored rather than replaced entirely. Restoring your deck allows you to have less work completed and save money. These are a few telltale signs that you can keep an eye out for when trying to decide if your deck has the potential to be restored.

Has A Strong Foundation

If your current deck was built on a solid foundation and still looks strong and structural, this is an excellent sign that it has the potential to be restored.


If the base of your deck is sturdy, but all you’re looking for is aesthetic change, restoring your deck with Nexxus Remodeling is an excellent alternative. We can use your current materials and give your deck a completely different look and feel.

Want To Extend

Nexxus Remodeling can work with you to create an extension from your original deck, taking it further. If your deck already has a strong foundation and is in good nick, extending it out is a great way to add that value and extra space to the home without needing it entirely replaced.


More often than not, we end up replacing a deck more than we do restore one. With decks, the damage that’s done underneath isn’t really known until you start working with it. Here are a few telltale signs that we use to know it is time to completely replace your entire deck.

Signs Of Termite Damage

Any signs of termite damage, it’s not worth trying to salvage anything. Unfortunately, termites will burrow their way into cracks, making it very difficult to get rid of them. They create an unstable environment for a deck to be structurally sound and used daily.

Damp Or Rotting Wood

Similar to the damage of termites, damp or rotting wood isn’t worth trying to restore. Damp or rotting wood can occur in a variety of different climates, and being in the Los Angeles area, it’s a common issue that we see due to the extreme changes in weather.

Unsecured Or Bowed Boards

Any wooden boards that are unsecured and have trouble staying put or have bowed out of shape aren’t worth trying to restore. If you have either of these issues, it’s time to look into having your deck replaced.


A well-built deck will last you at least 20 to 40 years; however, if your deck is only 5 to 10 years old and already starting to look like it needs a repair, chances are it’s not going to last you much further. Therefore, if you’re seeing signs of distressed wood or any other characters we mentioned much earlier than you should be, it’s highly recommended that you consider replacing your deck.

Nexxus Remodeling works with you on any project, no matter how small or big. Our team will take you through our tried and tested signature process. We first come out and do a home visit, chat with you about your needs and discuss potential solutions. From there, we organize a contract, budget and rough timeline of what to expect from the project. After this is agreed upon, we begin by protecting items around the construction site, so no unnecessary damage is done, and then construction begins. Our team will ensure the site is left clean daily and treat your home with the same care as if it were their own. Once the project is completed, we step away, and with our after-sales service, you’re able to contact us with any further issues or concerns you have.

With our 30+ years of experience, we’ve tackled almost every kind of renovation and only completed jobs to the highest standard. If you’d like to get your next project started today, get in touch with one of our team members. Nexxus Remodeling is your ideal choice for a deck builder in Los Angeles.

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