Outdoor Remodeling & Renovation Service Near Me In Los Angeles

Nexxus Remodeling is among the best outdoor remodeling contractors in Los Angeles. We offer a wide array of renovation services. Whether you want hardscape power gates, gutters, or room additions, we got you covered. Feel free to reach us for a consultation.

Why work with Nexxus Remodeling

Nexxus Remodeling is among the best outdoor remodeling contractors in Los Angeles, thanks to our vast knowledge in this area. We have a team of experts offering sought-after services in constructing fences, renovating doors, constructing entertainment spots, and more. We believe in hiring only the best in the market.

Furthermore, our team undergoes regular training, keeping it abreast of industry trends. Relevant bodies also certify us, highlighting our professionalism in our trade. If you need professional outdoor renovation in Los Angeles, contact us.

Nexxus is among the few outdoor remodeling service providers with a transparent process. We will send you a quotation with no hidden charges.

Whether you want plumbing services or to construct an entertainment spot, we will provide you with the most appropriate estimation. We also take you through the whole renovation process so you can track your project’s expenses.

We aim to offer many outdoor renovation services to avoid conflicts of interest with other service providers. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Hardscape
  • Fencing
  • Installing power gates
  • Renovating garage doors
  • Installing concrete pads
  • Installing wrought iron
  • Constructing entertainment centers
  • Installing gutters
  • Decking
  • Room additions
  • Construction block walls

As you can see, we provide a wide array of outdoor renovating services, which complement each other. It reduces costs and headaches, synonymous with involving several companies in one project.

We sell you not only our services but also an experience. It is for this reason we value our relationship with our clients. We aim to prioritize the needs of our customers, which has enabled us to be a favorite among many homeowners in the Los Angeles area. Our team is always ready to answer your questions and listen to your comments.

We agree that budgets and needs differ. We try our best to accommodate every client. We promise to use your budget to develop the appropriate outdoor remodeling and renovation approach. We offer after-sales services.

Nexxus has built a reputation among our clients as a leading remodeling company in Los Angeles. It is thanks to the stellar customer service. We listen to your needs, paying attention to the details so that we can develop an ideal remodeling process.

And if you have any questions or comments, our team is always ready to listen. We also offer after-sales services, ensuring our customers are comfortable with the finished product.

Why outdoor remodeling and renovation

To increase living space

Los Angeles has a conducive climate for outdoor construction. With an ideal outdoor space, you can construct auxiliary units, which you can use as relaxing areas and more. With outdoor remodeling and renovation, you can build structures such as gazebos, arbors, pergolas, bbq areas and more.

It allows you to enjoy the fresh air while staying sheltered from the scorching sun. Nexxus Remodeling can help you renovate your backyard with an ideal outdoor structure. We also install utilities such as water and electricity so you can get the maximum utility out of the space.

To improve your entertainment

Inviting your friends for lunch or dinner can see your living room space shrink. It will make the room stuffy and uncomfortable for the guest. You can create spaces for grilling and entertainment with your outdoor renovation in Los Angeles, improving the social factor of spending time outside.

Besides, with structures such as a pergola, you can install outdoor games such as pool and billiards. It gives guests a wide array of choices, improving the occasion’s mood. In addition, you can watch sports and movies or even play video games on an outdoor television system.

To improve your health

Another reason to consult Nexxus as your outdoor remodeling contractor is to have a space that improves your health. According to health experts, getting outside comes with numerous benefits. For example, you get vitamin D, which is critical for bone and blood cell formation.

Getting outside also reduces anxiety allowing you to concentrate more. Besides, working outside improves focus and productivity. Nexxus Remodeling can help you renovate your outdoor space, installing workplaces where you can work as you enjoy enhanced creativity.

To save money

We all like going out to hang out with friends. It often comes with unforeseen expenses such as impulse buying. With an outdoor staycation, you can invite your friends for a barbeque and buy only the necessary drinks and food, saving costs significantly.

As you’d expect, an unattended outdoor space is expensive to maintain. With weeds taking hold, poorly installed hardscape wearing out and overgrown shrubs everywhere, costs tend to skyrocket with time. Thanks to proper remodeling and renovation, you can mitigate expenses. It allows you to control weeds and install durable amenities.

To add value to your property

You need an outdoor renovation in Los Angeles to add value to your property. For example, if you replace an empty backyard with a gazebo or beautiful hardscape, a potential buyer will likely buy the home at your selling price, if not higher!

Outdoor remodeling in Los Angeles allows you to replace security features such as front doors, back doors and garage doors, increasing your house value. You can also add water features, lighting, lawns, and more. Nexxus Remodeling can advise on which features will increase the value of your house.

To improve the function of your house

Besides using outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment, you can remodel unused outdoor spaces into functional rooms. For example, you can transform a rundown deck into a functional outdoor office or dining area to take advantage of the beautiful weather year round.


What we consider during outdoor remodeling and renovation

Your wishes and needs

We encourage our clients to know what they want to mitigate unwanted stress and costs. From there, we can guide you to develop a viable design. For example, if you have kids, you might want a playing area, a small garden and a space to entertain your guests.

We ensure renovating your outdoor space to meet your needs. We also consider the look you desire and achieve it. In addition, we consider the layout of the land, enabling us to construct the ideal fences, hedges, and more.

Design of your interior

With the primary goal of expanding your home’s usable space, it is necessary to have the outside match the inside. Ideal outdoor remodeling in Los Angeles should have a smooth transition from the home’s inside to the outside, as the designs flow seamlessly together.

We can add a focal point, such as a pot plant or sculpture, to attract your guest’s attention if necessary. Your choice of color is also of great importance to us. We aim to add colors that complement your interior. And if you want a different color, Nexxus creates an appropriate color transition.


Outdoor renovation in Los Angeles also includes installing amenities such as water features. Nexxus Remodeling looks at your needs and decides which features make sense.

For example, if you want a place to relax, we can install a power source rather than a water source. On the other hand, if you wish for room addition to be used as a kitchen, we will install a water and power source.


While we want to make the outdoors look stunning, your budget can be a limitation. However, this does not mean we will do a shoddy job. No, we always use the resources at our disposal to conduct the ideal renovation or remodel. So, feel free to reach out to us regardless of your budget.

Our process

Home visit

First, we visit your home to review your specifications, plan, and budget. We also review the area that needs renovation, allowing us to give professional suggestions to help meet your needs. It alsoenables us to determine if the remodeling will require permitting from your neighborhood or local authorities.

During subsequent visits, we will review pictures you might consider ideal for your needs, eventually settling with one. We will use a designer's services to devise a plan depending on your wishes. We will move on to the next phase if you accept the plans, costs, and specifications.


Demolition and protection

As you'd expect, some outdoor renovation and remodeling will require some demolition. For example, we might demolish an existing fence to install a new one. However, we will ensure to protect any structures, such as gates, during the renovation process.



Once we identify our working area, demolish structures, and remove debris, we will continue with the construction phase. It can include the installation of water and electricity systems. Where applicable, we will finish by plastering and painting.

We can also trim plants, leaving the place neat. It is at this point we require you to visit the site occasionally to discuss possible changes.


Final touches and handover

Once the remodeling phase is complete, we will do the final touches and clean the areas. We will hand over the final product to you. Contact one of the best outdoor remodeling contractors and have your outdoors renovated.


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