Best Foundation Repair Service In Los Angeles

One of our services is foundation repair in the Los Angeles area. Even though foundation repairs might not be top of mind as the foundation of your house is rarely seen, they are imperative. For those in the Los Angeles area, that is prone to earthquakes, a strong foundation is essential for a house's longevity.

Nexxus Remodeling has worked within the construction industry for 30+ years. During this time, we’ve seen the effects of unstable foundations on houses and the damage they can do if they’re left too long. The Nexxus Remodeling team works closely with you to ensure the severity of the existing foundation is fixed and won’t need to be touched for years to come.

What Is A Foundation Repair?

A foundation repair is working with the foundation of the house and bringing it to the correct level. Depending on each foundation’s severity, the repair can be in one section of the home for some houses. However, most of the foundation will need to be revealed and repaired.

What Are The Potential Causes?

If you require a foundation repair, there are plenty of potential causes. Often times when homeowners have bought a house, they haven’t even realized that the home needs possible foundation repairs. Where you’re located in Los Angeles can also significantly impact you. The extreme weather, moisture and the type of foundation the house was built on are usually the main reasons foundations will crack. However, some of the additional potential causes for the need for a foundation repair are,

  • The house was built originally on expansive clay
  • It was built on improperly compacted soil
  • The foundation has poor drainage or no drainage at all
  • The Los Angeles area is known for having extreme weather and seasonal changes
  • Tree roots nearby are interfering with the foundation
  • Earthquake, flooding or drought has affected the foundation over time

What Are The Signs?

Suppose you’re located within the Los Angeles area or any area with extreme weather changes. In that case, you should always look for the signs. When purchasing a home, ask what the house was built on. It’s worth taking the time to figure out if any issues with the foundation will need to be fixed. Signs of a foundation issue can be both in the home’s interior and exterior. We’ve listed a few examples of each of these below,

Exterior Warning Signs

  • Wall rotation
  • Separation around the garage door, windows or any exterior walls
  • Cracked bricks
  • A visible broken or cracked foundation
  • Displaced holdings

Interior Warns Signs

  • Uneven or misaligned doors and windows
  • Cracks in floors
  • Uneven floors
  • Bulging flooring

How Do I Know If I Need A Repair Or Not?

The process of the foundation cracking or having small breaks takes a long time, and you usually won’t notice these signs until they become quite large. However, if you’ve seen any of the symptoms we listed above, it’s worth getting in touch with us, and we can do a site visit to assess the damage.

Is It Dangerous?

This all depends on the severity of the cracks and how long they’ve been around. For the most part, houses needing foundation repair won’t be unsafe to live in. However, with that being said, having your foundation repair put off is not something you should be doing. As we mentioned earlier, the process is slow and gradual, so leaving it will worsen over time.

Nexxus Process For A Foundation Repair

Due to being located in Los Angeles, foundation repair is occasional due to the weather. As we’ve been in the construction industry for 30+ years, we’ve seen how small cracks have transformed into the need for foundation repair over time. We’ve also created a process that we believe works to benefit you. Although each customer and their needs are different, we’ve listed below our process as to how we would go about completing a foundation repair from beginning to end.

Home Visit And Site Inspection

The initial contact you make with us will usually be through a phone consult or our website. From there, we will discuss with you what signs your foundation has to warrant the phone call. We will then discuss a time that works conveniently for you and will complete a site inspection.

Imperative during a foundation repair, we walk through the exterior and interior of the home, looking for signs and ensuring that the home you’re living in is safe. If there is a need for immediate repair, we will communicate this with you. Depending on the severity of the foundation repairs, our team will also assess if the foundation repairs require any permits from the neighbourhood or local authorities.

Our team will also discuss the budget, timing and what you can expect from the process. From here, we agree on the scope of work and a budget that works for you. Then move on to the demolition.

Demolition And Protection

To complete a foundation repair, our team will dig around the whole home’s exterior or in areas that need it. During this process, we’ll organize and remove any existing structures in the way and protect those that can’t be moved so no damage will occur.


Once the area is prepped and ready, the team will begin construction. The level of construction and how long it will take is very much a job-by-job basis. The team will communicate with you transparently, so you know what stages their at and how much more work needs to be done.

Final Handover

Once the team has completed the construction, they’ll always clean up after themselves, ensuring no mess is left behind and that the area looks like it did previously. We also offer an after-sales service, so if you have any questions or concerns once the job is completed, our team will be happy to help.

Why Should You Choose Nexxus?

Being in the Los Angeles construction industry for 30+ years, we’ve seen the damage that extreme weather can do to the foundations. We also know the area, so we’ve seen how it affects the house further down the track in previous years when homes are built on expansive or unstable clay.

Full Service Construction

Nexxus Remodeling is the superior choice for foundation repairs and all other forms of construction. In addition, our team offers foundation maintenance and various other services, some of which are listed below.

  • Hardscape
  • Fencing
  • Installing concrete pads
  • Decking
  • Block wall construction

Customer Service

With countless reviews, our customers have come back to us repeatedly. They know we complete any job to the highest standard. We hold our relationships with our customers in the highest regard and take care of our customer’s homes as we do our own. Our team will be ready to answer any questions or concerns you have right from the beginning stages of the project until completion.

If you’ve seen any signs of your house needing and looking for the best foundation repair in Los Angeles, call Tony at 818-535-7868, or get into contact with one of our team members. Tony or our team members can discuss with you your needs and what signs there are, specifically if some are more urgent than others.

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