How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Garage? Is It Worth It?

Garage remodel Los Angeles

We often get asked, what’s the cost to remodel a garage? While it could be boiled down to a single number, it’s not that simple. 

However, suppose you’re concerned about the price or your budget. In that case, we’ll work with you to accommodate your needs without compromising quality. Nexxus Remodeling is an excellent choice for garage remodels in Los Angeles.

A garage remodel can be from something as simple as restructuring the layout or as involved as adding custom cabinetry and swapping the garage door. If you’re still looking for a solid number, we can’t give you that. Yet, we can say that a garage remodel can range from $1,500 and reach up to $50,000. The overall cost will depend on how much work you want to be completed and how intricate you plan on being. How much your garage remodel will cost can also vary on other factors.

We’re a full service construction agency with over 30+ years of experience and countless positive reviews online from our customers. Garage remodels are just one of the many services we provide.

Why Would You Want To Remodel Your Garage?

Each individual will have a different reason for wanting their garage remodeled. For some, it’s more so out of necessity. But for others, it can be a great way to expand your home. However, remodeling your garage is a great way to take advantage of unused space. We’ve listed a few options below for why you want to remodel your garage.

Give The Space A New Life

Aside from the practical sense of a safe place for your cars, a garage can transform into another living area of your home or whatever you want to use it for. For those who are into their tools and building, the garage can be an oasis where you can create and work on projects. For families with young children, a garage can be an excellent place to hang out with friends, giving them a sense of their own space.

The garage can also be used as an outdoor living extension. If you’re looking to convert the space into something more user-friendly, we can give you ideas that you might haven’t even thought of yet.

Additional Storage Space

Along with storing cars, the garage is ideal for storing oversized Winter coats and jackets, sentimental items, and extra pots and pans—any overflow from inside the home. Creating additional storage in the garage is an excellent solution for those lacking storage inside the home. Nexxus Remodeling can create custom cabinetry. By doing so, we can preserve the space where you need it but make room for additional storage. For the large majority of our jobs, we see the need for increased storage options. Utilizing the garage is a great way to increase storage without increasing the amount of clutter in the home.

Adds Value To The Home

As with any remodel or renovation that you complete on the home, you’ll be adding tremendous value. Having a garage that’s undergone a remodel is a great selling point for your home as it adds value. For most homeowners in Los Angeles, a secure garage is high on their priority list due to the extreme weather conditions.


Some older homes don’t provide a tremendous sense of functionality, and the garage layout is quite awkward. When you remodel your garage, you decide how the design should be according to your and your family’s needs. Nexxus Remodeling will come and do a site visit during the first phase of working together. With this, we’ll make suggestions that can improve functionality and the flow of how you use your garage.

What Will Influence The Price Of A Garage Remodel?

We pride ourselves on being transparent throughout the process and communicating openly about the budget right from the beginning of the project until completion. The price of each garage remodel is entirely different for each customer. It will drastically increase or decrease the cost depending on how much work you want to be done or need to do. Again, we pride ourselves on being transparent throughout the process and communicating.

Is It Worth Remodeling Your Garage?

A garage remodel is an investment. It’s an investment into your home and an extended part of your living space. However, for some questioning if the remodel is worth it, we’ve listed a few points below that might help you find the answer.

If It's Remodeled, Will You Actually Use The Space?

If you won’t use the space properly, what’s the point in spending all the time and money remodeling it? We understand it’s an exciting time but before you start, go through how you’ll use the space. Sit down with your family or partner and discuss how to best use the space. Ask yourself and whomever you’re with if you would actually use the area or if it will just end up being a garage that might not need a complete remodel. If you can’t seem to come up with some great ideas that you get excited about, it might be time to go back to the drawing board and see what other areas in the home would work best for a solution to the problem.

If You're Planning On Selling And Need To Add Value To The Home

As we mentioned, any renovations or remodels you complete on your home will instantly add value. If you’re planning on selling your home, remodeling your garage is a great place to start. While it can be an investment, it will give you a huge return when selling. It’s also a great additional selling point when it comes time to sell.

Why Would You Choose Nexxus Remodeling For Your Garage Remodel?

Nexxus Remodeling is an excellent choice for your garage remodels in Los Angeles. We’re transparent about all aspects of the process right from the beginning. Our dedicated team will inform you of each decision throughout the entire process.

We Won't Offer You What You Don't Need

Your garage should be a practical and usable space, so we understand it needs to be functional for you and your family to use daily. Nexxus Remodeling isn’t going to offer you remodeling solutions that you won’t actually need or use. But, we’ll be honest about what we think is worth it and where you could save money.

Customer Service

We could speak for our customer service, but thousands of customer reviews will do it for us. Nexxus Remodeling prides itself on its great relationship with its customers. Our team works on our customer’s homes as if it was their own and takes great care in the quality of work they provide. We ensure that the work site is clean and tidy after completion. Unlike other companies, our team will continuously clean up after themselves.

We Do It All

Nexxus Remodeling is a full service construction agency. The team can tackle all renovation parts, from electrical to solid foundations.

Our highly skilled team has years of experience and produces high-quality work. Due to needing a wide variety of employees, we only hire the best people to work on the jobs.

As we have a widely skilled team, we’re able to do other jobs at the same time as a garage remodel. For example, we can also complete the hardscape to enhance your curb appeal further.

Nexxus Remodeling would love to be your first choice for your garage remodeler. We don’t produce anything less than high quality if you’re considering remodeling your garage but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’d like a more in-depth chat about what services we offer and how we can help. Then, get in touch with one of our friendly team members.