Cost of a Full Home Renovation in Los Angeles – [Overall Cost Breakdown]

As people look for ways to make their living spaces work for them, complete home remodeling has become popular in Los Angeles. This article looks at complete home renovation cost and factors that affect them. Let’s get into it.

How much does a complete home renovation cost?

On average, a home renovation in Los Angeles costs $100 – $300 per square foot. However, the cost is relative given many aspects one must consider. We advise consulting a remodeling contractor who can create an estimate.

One can start with crucial areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc. You can then sum it up to calculate the total cost. After this, you can add other aspects such as painting, flooring, windows, and systems like electrical and plumping. 

As you’d expect, a remodeling contractor in Los Angeles will break down the cost into individual parts. Let’s look at the most common.

Kitchen remodeling cost

Kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles costs between $45K and $70K. Here, the contractor will consider labor, appliances, countertops, and cabinets, among others. Some aspects that affect the total cost are materials, size, and reconfiguration.

Ideally, a larger kitchen will cost more than a smaller one. It will use more materials and labor to install the cabinets and other parts. Besides, large kitchens have more prominent and more expensive appliances.

Expect to pay more for kitchen reconfiguration since it involves holistic remodeling. For example, you might change the countertop position. It will include developing a new design to accommodate systems such as electricity and plumping. 

Likewise, the materials will determine the total cost. You’ll shell out less for pre-fabricated cabinets and countertops than custom ones. Custom cabinets and countertops are manufactured for a specific kitchen and might require more labor.

Bathroom remodeling cost

Bathroom remodeling cost ranges between $25K and $40k. Like kitchen remodeling, materials, scope, and reconfiguration affect the total cost. The most cost-effective remodeling is to replace items in the exact location. Reconfiguring your bathroom requires changing the position of things like the tub. 

As such, you will need a plumber and electrician to reroute the water and electricity. By comparison, bathrooms have more items than kitchens. They include sinks, tubs, vanity, shower, floor, and tiles. The higher the quality of these material items, the more the bathroom renovation costs.

ADU remodeling cost

ADU’s remodeling budget falls between $15K and $400K. The current Los Angeles building code allows you to build an ADU from 200sf to 1200sf. It means the ADU size will affect the cost of complete home renovation. 

ADUs are expensive to renovate since one must install components such as a kitchen, bathroom, HVAC system, etc. 

An attached ADU might be cheaper than a standalone option since you don’t need extensive ductwork to connect electricity, water, and other systems. However, the difference is insignificant. 

Home addition cost

A home addition will cost you between $250 and $400sf. While most home additions are attached to the main house, reconfiguration might be necessary to accommodate the new space. In addition, two-story addition is more expensive than a one-story addition. 

If you want a wet addition, such as a bathroom or laundry room, you will shell out more than a dry addition, like a bedroom. 

As you can see, the total cost of a complete house renovation will differ depending on the remodeling areas. Nexxus Remodeling can help you calculate a budget estimate for your remodeling project. Contact us today for more information. 

Complete home renovation cost factors

So, what factors contribute to the total cost? Let’s find out.


Complete home renovation no doubt require extensive work. As such, the owner covers the labor cost of all parties involved. And as you’d expect, labor cost is continually increasing thanks to global inflation. 

On average, a general contractor will require 10% – 20% of the total remodeling cost. If you are to consult individual experts such as electricians and plumbers, expect to pay between $20 and $150 per hour.


Like in any construction project, the quality and quantity of materials will affect the final cost. Besides, industry trends affect material costs. For example, lumber and steel are more expensive than two years ago. 

House age

The cost of complete house renovation for a new building is less than for an old structure. For example, the old house might require new ductwork for electricity and other systems. On the other hand, a remodeling contractor might use the existing ductwork in a new home. 

Appliances updates

Complete home renovation costs can also include updating existing appliances. It can range anywhere between $200 and $20K or more. The appliances’ quality is what determines the final cost. For example, stainless steel appliances are more expensive than plastic options. Also, sustainable options might fetch higher than conventional appliances. 

Building type

The building type also affects complete house renovation cost. Renovating an apartment might cost between $25 and $40sf, while renovating a condo ranges from $75 to $100sf. If you want a full townhouse renovation, you’ll shell out around $10 – $35sf. Keep in mind you might require extra permits. 

Complete home renovation in Los Angeles process

What does entire home remodeling involve? Let’s find out.


Before a contractor can start house renovation, they’ll ensure they get the necessary permits to start the project. The owner will decide whether to move out or stick around through the remodeling phase. 

To speed up gut remodeling, most homeowners prefer to move to other apartments temporarily. Since it is a complete house renovation, you’ll need to move items to a safer place, for example, your garage or detached ADU.


Demolition is the first complete house-remodeling phase. Depending on your home’s size and design, it might take several days to weeks. Most remodeling contractors will ensure to conduct a complete demolition before construction begins to reduce cost. Since it is a dusty and noisy process, builders will often seal off demolition sites to prevent air and noise pollution. 

Rough construction

Once a contractor finishes demolitions, they’ll continue to the framing phase. Complete house renovation often involves removing, relocating, and adding walls. Framing will also include adding relevant openings for doors and windows. It also consists of developing a new floor plan and changing it from a closed to an open floor plan layout. 

Utility installation

After rough construction, the contractor will remove the drywall, allowing them to work on utilities inside the wall. It can include HVAC, plumbing, gas, and electrical. In complete home remodeling, the owner might require the contractor to upgrade or replace the system depending on the house’s age. 

At this stage, the contractor might employ several sub-contractors. For example, they will seek the services of a plumber or electrician. As a homeowner, you need to be present to identify areas that need correcting.


Once working on the inside of the walls is complete, the contractor will install the necessary insulation before closing up the open frame with new drywall. It is the reason why the cost of gutting and remodeling a house is expensive since it needs new walls and ceilings.

 Once the builders apply drywall compound, they’ll leave it for several days to dry, so they can start painting.


The contractor will start painting your house once the drywall is dry. Depending on the scope of your complete home remodeling in Los Angeles, they might apply up to three coats. 

Using a single color for the house can take less than a week. Expect painting to take several days or weeks if you need different colors.


While some contractors in Los Angeles will wait until the end of home remodeling to install the flooring, others will install it after painting and then cover it will cardboard to prevent scratches. Depending on the flooring type, it can take several days or weeks. 

Cabinets and countertops

As you’d expect, complete house remodeling includes installing countertops in your kitchen. The contractors will also install cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. Ideally, contractors will help you choose cabinet and countertop designs long before remodeling starts. 

Tiles installation

After installing cabinets and countertops, a contractor will start tilework in the bathroom and other areas. They also install fixtures such as showers, bathtubs, and switches. Often, they consult a subcontractor savvy with such installation.

Finish work and touch-ups

Finally, the remodeling contractor will install significant appliances in the kitchen and laundry area. They also make necessary repairs, fixing loose cabinetry and touching up scuffed paint before handing over the house to you.

Do you need a complete home renovation?

As you have seen, a complete house renovation cost can skyrocket if professionalism does not come into play. For this reason, you must consult a reputable remodeling contractor like Nexxus Remodeling. We can help bring a complete home renovation cost to a minimum. Call us for more information.