Top-Notch Exterior Home Remodeling Contractor In Los Angeles

There are many exterior home remodel companies in Los Angeles, with Nexxus Remodeling among the best. We are a licensed and certified contractor with over 30 years of experience. Give us a call, and let us bring your house back to life.

Why choose Nexxus


Nexxus Remodeling has been in the remodeling industry for over 30 years. We have worked with numerous clients around Los Angeles, enabling us to identify what works and doesn’t. Besides, we hire only the best talent, ensuring we deliver quality services to our clients.

And since we have access to some of the best construction resources, we are always abreast of trends in the industry. It allows us to offer services that meet the demands of the market. So if you are looking for an experienced exterior home remodel company, consider contacting us.


Nexxus Remodeling believes in offering exceptional home remodeling services. For this reason, we are a team of well-trained experts. It allows the smooth running of your project. Besides, our team can offer professional advice, should you need it.

Being experts in our field also enables us to reduce time and material wastage. As such, we complete projects within the set timeframe.


We are a licensed (Lic #822320) exterior home remodeling company. It means we have met all requirements need for a construction company. You can rest assured that we will use legal construction procedures and the best material.


Our liability insurance coverage covers any property damage. It also covers bodily injuries and accidents that may occur during construction.

Best materials

To ensure your building is of high quality, we use only the best materials in the market. And since we have been constructing for over three decades, we have known suppliers and manufacturers who offer quality materials.

Amazing customer service

We value clients regardless of their budget. It has enabled us to build a healthy rapport and garner positive reviews. We ensure to answer any questions and are always ready to listen to your feedback. Our customer relations team is ready to help if you want professional advice.

Reasonable pricing

Nexxus Remodeling is your best bet if you are looking for an exterior home remodel company with reasonable pricing. We do not overprice or underprice our services. Instead, we analyze your needs and come up with the best pricing. If you are on a budget, we will work with it, ensuring you get value for your money.


If you are looking for exterior home remodelers near me with no hidden charges, think Nexxus Remodeling. Our pricing and process are transparent. In addition, we encourage the client to follow through with the project to avoid any conflict of interest. Whether you want to verify subcontractors or sources of materials, we are more than glad to offer a helping hand.


To ensure sustainable exterior home remodeling, we use the latest equipment to reduce wastage and mitigate pollution. What’s more, they do not consume excess electricity. It means you won’t have ballooning electricity bills during remodeling.

Services we offer

Project planning

Before commencing with your remodeling project, we develop a plan that details the timeframe and projected budget. It lets us easily track your project while reducing money and material waste. The plan contains project development and implementation details, allowing for seamless project flow.

We also identify the construction material and equipment that will be needed. As such, we can determine which equipment to buy and which to rent. The plan allows us to develop an effective communication channel between you and the company. In the end, you’ll have a clear picture of how the remodeling project will run.

Project management

We are among the few exterior home remodel contractors near me that offer much-needed project oversight. For example, we will ensure a steady flow of funds to avoid stalling your project. With prompt communication, we let the client know when to make payments. We’ll also ensure timely material purchase and delivery.

Nexxus Remodeling interviews and hires subcontractors on your behalf. It is to ensure that only the most competent individuals or companies will participate in your project. And to ensure you are always in the know, we will provide progress reports.

So, consider contacting us if you want a professional exterior home remodel company to manage your project.

Project tracking

To ensure the project runs within the set timeframe and specifications, we oversee the construction process on your behalf. Our quality control team will ensure only the best materials are in use. Moreover, we can identify cost-effective construction methods, reducing expenses significantly.

We ensure constant material supply mitigating downtimes during the remodeling phase. The company also liaises with suppliers and manufacturers, scheduling purchases in advance. In case of any necessary changes, Nexxus Remodeling will manage them.

Acquiring necessary permits

As a leading contractor in Los Angeles, we acquire the necessary permits and licenses on your behalf. We ensure your building meets Los Angeles building codes and legislation. It is to avoid trouble with the authorities in the future. Moreover, Nexxus Remodeling covers all applicable taxes and fees, so you don’t have to break the bank.

Construction safety

Since safety is a fundamental part of the company, we ensure the use of safe construction methods. From demolition to construction, we strive to ensure the safety of the workers and the structures on the site.

Our process

Securing necessary permits

Nexxus Remodeling will obtain the necessary permits from Los Angeles authorities. It is to ensure your remodeling project meets all legal requirements. We submit all required construction documents, permit applications, and permit fees. Depending on the remodeling scope, the processing might take a few days or weeks.

Ordering building materials

As one of the leading exterior home remodelers near me, we ensure to use high-quality materials. It is not only for the aesthetic aspect of your home but also safety and durability. We guarantee to order remodeling materials according to your preferences.

While our design team will do much of the choosing, you’ll have to approve their choices before we can make a purchase. In addition, we consider affordability to ensure expenses are within your budget. That said, we don’t use low-quality materials.

Demolition and cleaning

There will be a few demolitions during exterior home remodeling in Los Angeles. We ensure the process is safe, mitigating damage to adjacent structures. Since it is a noisy process, we notify your neighbors ahead of time. Once the demolition is done, we clean the site, dispose of waste, and start the construction phase. If possible, we will reuse some of the demolished materials.


At this point, the materials have already arrived, and the builders can start rough construction. We will construct wall frames and install necessary ductwork depending on the remodeling project. Our inspectors will inspect the project to ensure it is within your preferences. Besides, the designer will be present to guide the builders, raising red flags where needed.

Final touches

Once the rough construction phase is done, we will pick the finish materials you have approved. We will ensure they are of appealing design and meet the Los Angeles building code. Our designers will ensure timely material purchase and installation.

They will also develop a punch list containing any improvements that need to be made. As such, the subcontractors will have an easy time making the changes. 

Payment and lien

Finally, we will ask for payment once the project is complete. However, we encourage our clients to review the payment schedule to ensure they are comfortable with the terms. Once satisfied, you can make timely payments.

Unfortunately, we will issue a lien if you can’t make payments in time. It is to ensure all subcontractors receive their payments before handing over the property to you.

Benefits of exterior home remodeling

Remodeling your Los Angeles home has many benefits. Here are the most common.

  • Increase home value: If you plan to sell your home soon, remodeling it can increase its value. It is because remolding can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

  • Improve home efficiency: Exterior home remodeling can entail fixing sustainable equipment such as solar. It can improve its efficiency, reducing energy wastage and carbon footprint.

  • Customization: Another remodeling benefit is improved customization. Remodeling allows you to add a personal touch to your home. For example, you can add a deck or auxiliary dwelling to your property.

  • Increase living space: Remodeling can increase space significantly. You can seek exterior home remodeling near me to construct an auxiliary dwelling. You can use it to house friends and relatives.

Nexxus Remodeling has you sorted if you are looking for a professional exterior home remodel company.

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