The Best Outdoor Living & Patio Contractors Near Me in Los Angeles

Nexxus Remodeling offers excellent construction services to the Los Angeles area. We provide everything from renovations and hardscaping, to guttering and repairs. As one of the most sought-after patio contractors in Los Angeles, we know how to turn your house into a home. Book a consultation with us if you’d like to hear more.

Why Choose Nexxus Remodeling?

Personalized Approach

Tony Panterra, the owner of Nexxus Remodeling, is a well-known figure in the industry. He has over 30 years of construction experience and is personally involved in every single project. His hands-on approach ensures that we get the job done and that the style and personality of your home are seen throughout our work.

Nexxus has also received a number of awards for its outstanding customer service and many of the clients we currently work with have been repeat customers. Tony and the rest of our team approach every construction task with diligence and individual care.

Quality of Work

Our outdoor living contractors, hardscape builders and patio remodelers in Los Angeles are experts in their relative fields. The teams are trained on a regular basis and approach jobs with diligence, professionalism and discreetness.

Customers have described Tony and Nexxus Remodeling’s work as “outstanding” and “excellent”, with one client even stating, “This is the second time I have used Nexxus for a project because no one is better”. Furthermore, our praise on social media and 5-star reviews prove the quality and standard of our work. Have a look at our testimonials to hear more about what our clients have to say.

An Array of Outdoor Services

Nexxus Remodeling presents itself as a complete construction solution. We remodel, repair and can even rebuild your property from the ground up. We provide a number of services for your outdoor and exterior spaces that include:

Patio contracting
Gutter removal
Installing custom lighting
Complete outdoor remodeling

We take care of all the work for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the finished product.

Sensible Fees

Depending on the size and scope of the project, your budget and our costs will always vary. This is why we recommend large-scale projects as opposed to partial repairs or remodels. But with any job, Nexxus has a culture of transparency and honesty when it comes to our services and pricing.

We offer straightforward quotations and take you through your entire building process to see the costs. We don’t believe in shortcuts or false pretenses like other construction companies you may have dealt with in the past. We offer you the best services possible for the most reasonable price.

Why Do I Need A Patio Contractor?

Patio contractors in Los Angeles know how to utilize their available space and design around any limitations of your property. We know how to make your patio visually appealing, functional, and valuable for gathering and entertaining.

The Nexxus contractors design, build and install everything from fencing to entertainment centers. They are certified experts in their field and have the know-how to maximize the potential of your outdoor space. We work with you every step of the way. Once we are presented with your ideas, we get straight to work on capturing your vision.

What To Expect From Our Patio Contracting Process

Tony meets with every client personally before signing on to a new project. He is able to establish what your individual design style is and how you would like to present your space.

It also gives him a better idea of the reconstruction, remodeling or building specifics for the whole project. This allows us to present a bid and quote you according to the scope of the job.

A home visit allows us to visually see the area that requires renovation and the specifications that come with it. This also allows our team to make recommendations and tweaks to your project and determine the final budget.

Our patio contractors and hardscape builders are all licensed and certified for outdoor inspections. We will acquire the necessary permits and plan approvals for your patio remodel if needed. The factors we inspect include dimensions, the slope of the land, soil quality and sunlight. We also take into account any obstructions or power lines that would add difficulty to the construction process.

The design phase of the project allows us to fully concentrate on your style and how we would like to remodel your patio according to your home’s interior. By modeling your patio to the theme of your lounge and kitchen, it offers a nice flow when guests move around.

Providing us with pictures for inspiration assists our designers in terms of the concept and color scheme. Colorful throw cushions on your outdoor furniture can match a more subdued interior lounge set, and pot plants might also add a pop of color. Nexxus always refers to a palette when choosing your particular colors and matches it to the construction of your patio.

Depending on the extent of your project, Nexxus will then move on to the demolition and construction phase. This consists of demolishing preexisting structures, clearing rubble, plugging in power units and building new installations. Any design elements, such as plants and sprinklers, can be added as a finishing touch.

Our hardscape builders in Los Angeles source the highest quality materials and ensure that their installation and building process are completed safely and professionally. They build everything from walkways to entire patios, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens. We also provide continued maintenance if required by the client.

The Benefits of An Outdoor Living Space

Entertainment Potential

An outdoor space to relax and entertain is desirable for any home. Our patio contractors have done countless projects in and around Los Angeles. We know what your patio requirements and design capacities are depending on your view, landscape and area.

Nexxus patio remodelers are able to construct gazebos, add hardscape, and add auxiliary units for BBQs and outdoor seating space. We can transform your bare backyard into an entertainment oasis.

Decorative Feature

Like a marble countertop or a striking piece of art, a beautiful outdoor space can be a ‘wow’ factor when someone walks through your doors for the first time. It will also increase the value of your property for any reseller in the future.

Our patio remodelers in Los Angeles use design and innovative construction methods to create cohesion between interior and exterior living. Having a patio will make you want to have guests over more frequently to showcase its spectacular features.

Provides an Escape

Outdoor spaces have also been proven to benefit a number of mental health issues. Whether you work from home or find yourself at home often, it helps to have a change of scenery once in a while.

Drinking a cup of coffee or reading outside provides you with fresh air and the much-needed vitamin D and minerals to continue with your day. Our patio contractors can even construct a workout area or water feature on your patio. This allows for a peaceful and multi-functional space that will make you crave the feeling of being outside.

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