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Nexxus Remodeling is your ideal choice for a room addition contractor near me in Los Angeles. Our team of experts are dedicated to ensuring the building process with Nexxus Remodeling is stress-free and smooth, from the initial phone call until the final handover.

Room additions and renovations can vary in size and the complexity that goes into each. It can often be challenging to break down what goes into a room as there are so many possibilities. Nexxus Remodeling is here to help take out the guesswork, helping you along the way, so you'll be happy with the result without being left with any doubts. With over 30+ years in the construction industry, Nexxus Remodeling has completed many room additions and renovations. As a result, our clients continuously come back to us, leaving us with thousands of positive reviews. We pride ourselves on creating a great relationship with our clients and giving them the service they deserve.

Why Choose To Have A Room Added Or Renovated?

Room additions and renovations occur for many different reasons. As we mentioned, they’re so many possibilities that you might need or want a room to be renovated. We’ve listed some of the most common reasons why you might want a room in your home to be renovated or have a room added.

More Space

Needing or wanting more space is the most common reason our customers choose to renovate a room in their home or add a room. The current trend of homes focuses on open-plan living, so it’s no surprise that families are looking for ways to increase space within their homes.


Functionality is another common reason for a room addition or renovation. If your home isn’t functional, it can irritate and frustrate your day-to-day living. Renovating or adding a room to your home is a great way to increase the functionality and flow of how you use your home. Nexxus remodeling can suggest ways of increasing functionality without compromising on losing space. During our initial visit, we can walk through your home with you, making suggestions as to how it can become more functional.

How do you use the space?

Frankly, how you use the space is a critical question to answer before considering a complete renovation or remodel. Sit down with your family or on your own, and really consider how you use the space. For example, would you end up using the space if you decided to go through with a renovation or room addition?

Asses The Current Issues You Have With The Space

If you’re considering a room addition or renovation, chances are you’ve got a problem with the space and how it’s currently being used. We’ve listed some of the top reasons you may have an issue with the area to discover why it’s bothering you.

Not Enough Space

If you don’t have enough space, you will likely already feel this during your daily use. In addition, small spaces like this can be awkward and frustrating, specifically if you’ve got a growing family or one with younger children.

Too Much Space

Any additions or changes you make to your home will increase its value. A deck is a perfect solution if you’re looking to sell in the future or want to increase your living value. You’ll be adding value by creating that added living space which is a fantastic selling point. If you’re staying in the home for the foreseeable future, you’ll have that space as added value in the form of another living area.

Consider Your Must Haves And Can't Live Without

Going into a renovation or room addition, you should know what problems you have with the space and what you want it to have once the renovation is completed. Once you’ve answered these, knowing what you must have and what you can’t live without is super important.


Ideally, you should know these before you contact us. Then, it’s much easier for our team to understand upfront what they’re working towards. An example of this is completing a room addition for your laundry. If you want to add floor-to-ceiling cabinets, then Nexxus Remodeling can work with you in the beginning to discuss how we can make that happen.


No matter how big or small a project is, budget is always a topic of conversation with our clients. We understand that any addition to your home is an investment here at Nexxus. That’s why we’re transparent about cost from the beginning through to the end. We’ve listed some of our top tips for being more considerate of your budget when planning and completing room addition and renovations.

Decide Before You Start The Process

Deciding on your budget before you start the process is the perfect first step. Room additions or renovations are usually more significant projects, so having an allocated budget allows Nexxus to work with you to discover where limitations are and work within them.

Give Yourself A Buffer

A buffer is an excellent idea for any renovation within the home. Depending on your project’s size, you will change the amount to put aside as your buffer. While we’re completely transparent with you about the cost often, our clients will see something they want to add along the way. Additionally, with the current state of the building industry, thanks to COVID, prices have been fluctuating more than usual, so a buffer helps to counteract any surprises.

Our Process

Being in the construction industry for so long, we’ve streamlined a process that works for our customers and us. We’ve outlined our process below to show you how we work with you.

Initial Phone Call And Home Visit

During the first phone call with Nexxus Remodeling, we answer all your initial questions. Then, we’ll chat with you about what can be completed and how we can help. Finally, if you’re happy with your phone call and want to take the process to the next step, we organize a home visit so we can assess the area and discuss specifics about the project.

During the home visit, we’ll chat with you about what can be done and where your limitations are, giving you an idea of what you can expect from the end result of your project. Then, if both parties are happy, we work towards a budget and timeline.

Demolition And Protection

As with room additions or renovations, areas nearby need to be protected and covered. The team will ensure that all measurements are protected and covered so no unnecessary damage is done. Once we’ve protected the needed areas, we begin the demolition process.


When the construction process begins, we’ll communicate with you when noise levels will be the highest so you can plan your day accordingly. We also share any surprises along the way or any other information you need to know.

After each day of construction, the team cleans up the area leaving no mess behind. We consider your space when we’re in your home, respecting the surrounding area.

Final Touches

Once everything is completed, we will leave the space ready to use for you. The team will leave the area clean and tidy. Although we complete the final touches, Nexxus Remodeling offers after-sales service. This service is specifically for when a project is completed; any questions you may have. We understand that our customers have questions, and we’re here to have them answered. As well, the team can discuss with you any concerns you may have, and we’re able to revisit the job site if need be.

Final Thoughts

Our team is dedicated to your project with thousands of online reviews and 30+ years in the construction industry. Get in touch with our team to discuss how you can begin your renovation today. If you require a room addition contractor, Nexxus Remodeling is the ideal choice. 

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