Home Addition and Room Addition Contractors In Los Angeles

Home addition contractors like Nexxus Remodeling do it all. Home addition contractors work with you to create a room or addition to your existing home.

With over 30+ years of experience in the construction industry, not only do we understand the process, but we make it seamless and stress-free for you. Adding an addition to your home should be exciting, not stressful. Our home addition process begins with an initial phone consult with Tony. He takes you through all the potential options and gives you an overview of what we can offer.

Why is a home addition a great idea?

Home additions are fantastic for a large number of customers. When you work with a home addition contractor, you have the freedom to create the space in the way that you’ll use it. Not to mention the endless possibilities of what you can do with a space. Some of the examples of home additions that we’ve completed in the past and we most commonly get asked for are,
  • Making space for a growing family
  • Home office/work from home area
  • Entertaining
  • More space to stretch out
  • Taking advantage of unused and ‘dead’ space
  • Add value to your home.
Each of these is personal to the customer and the home it serves. Often customers have an area of space that isn’t used, and we help them to discuss what we expand their home into. Home addition contractors like us show you how that space can be used to its fullest potential.

Starting points to help you through the process

If you’re considering a home or room addition in Los Angeles, chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed with where to start. There are so many decisions to be made when it comes to design and functionality. We’ve seen many customers go through this process in the construction business. We’ve broken down our top tips and some starting points to help you get started before going through the process.


Deciding on your budget before you begin the process will help you figure out if what you is something that you can achieve.

Cheaper work that you may find elsewhere only means that it’s cheaper, not that it’s going to be of a higher quality. You’ll most likely get a result that looks unfinished or cheap and can then leave you more out of pocket as you’ll need to have mistakes fixed.

Compared to other contractors, we are not the cheapest. When deciding between different companies and us, we only complete verbal bids unless we’re hired and you receive a full written contract. When a written bid is necessary, our bids only vary from $350 to $500 per bid. We offer free estimates to property owners only to understand how much you should allocate towards your budget.

It’s also a great idea to have a ‘buffer’. How much you choose to set aside for this will depend on how big the project is. Your buffer is there to be allocated for unforeseen costs. An example is an existing damage on the worksite that was unknown prior to starting. Tony and his team will always communicate effectively and be honest with you about pricing from beginning to end. We understand the importance of budget and how it’s different with each of our customers, so we’re open and transparent with you thought out the process. To chat with Tony about the budget for a specific project you have in mind, call Tony at 818-535-7868.

What are your non-negotiables?

During the room addition process, many decisions must be made along the way. Often times customers can get caught up in wondering if they’ll make the wrong decision.
Before we start work on the project, sit down by yourself or with your partner or family and come up with your top 3 non-negotiable. That way, when you’re in the middle of the process, and it comes time to make a decision, you can make the right one.

It’s important that you communicate these with Tony and his team. That was before, and during the process, they can plan to ensure that your needs can and will be met.

Are there any key design features that must be included?

Having a vision before going into a home addition is super important. You’ll need to know what style you’re going with so that when it comes time to pick materials, you have an idea in mind. A home addition is also a great way to have fun and incorporate unique designs into your home with custom cabinetry or bright paint colour. Decide if you will stick with the home’s current aesthetic or if you want to mix it up and create something new and exciting.

Why do you want or need the home addition?

Home additions usually occur because people need more space. However, before you begin or look into contractors, ask yourself and your family why you want the home addition and whether you need it. It’s worth deciding if you need a home addition or has the potential for a separate accessory dwelling unit. Nexxus Remodeling offers both options and will work with you to discover what will benefit you and your home.

How do you use the space currently, and how will it be used in future?

How everyone uses their home is entirely up to them and different for everyone. When looking at where you plan your home addition, try to figure out how you currently use the space and how it will be used. A great example of this is a growing family. Do you need one room or potentially two?

Again, either by yourself or with your family, talk about how you want the space to be used, who will benefit from it, and why you plan the addition. It’s a good idea you go into the space and talk it out. See what you could do with it.

Decide which contractor is best for you

Deciding which contractor to go with when making changes to your home can be overwhelming. There are a lot of us out there. However, only some of us will complete our job with work that is second to none. Nexxus Remodeling has over 30 years+ of established experience within the construction industry in Los Angeles. In addition to this, we have thousands of reviews and are one of the top-rated in the construction industry. Our customers trust us with their homes time and time again.

Throughout the years, Tony and his team have seen so many customers pay too much money for low-quality work. Nexxus Remodelling is high quality, and we don’t provide anything lower than this.

How Nexxus Remodeling helps

We’re there every step of the way. Nexxus Remodeling cares about your home as they would their own. We work with our customers to provide them with their wants and needs. Tony and the team will help you along the way, making the process completely stress-free. Tony will communicate with you from the beginning of the process right through until completion.

If you’re seriously considering working with a home addition contractor or would like more information, call Tony at 818-535-7868 to discuss all the possibilities.

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