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Nexxus Remodeling is a reputable home extension contractor in Los Angeles. We have been in the industry for over 30 years. We are a pool of experienced builders, architects, designers, and more, striving to meet our customers' needs.

Why Work With Us

Home Extension & Addition Staff

Knowledgeable Staff

Nexxus Remodeling comprises a group of highly skilled designers, builders, engineers, and architects considered to be among the best in their fields. Many of them have received recognition for their work through awards. We strongly emphasize hiring individuals with a proven history of success, which is made possible by our thorough recruitment process.

Additionally, our staff members take part in regular training to ensure they stay current with industry standards. Because of our knowledgeable and skilled employees, we have received positive feedback from many clients, and we have been recognized as the leading home extension contractor in Los Angeles. 

Reliable services

Nexxus Remodeling is a reliable home addition contractor in Los Angeles, offering various home extension services. We provide satisfactory services regardless of your project or budget.

We take steps to guarantee a seamless project by visiting the construction site, assessing your requirements, and offering suggestions when necessary to make sure all the needs are met.

Industry-Standard Materials

We strive to involve the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers in every project. And thanks to our over 30 years in the industry, we have created a network of uncompromising suppliers and manufacturers. We strive to research the company before onboarding to our list.

As such, you can rest assured you’ll get a high-quality and regulatory-compliant home extension. Do you want a comfortable and safe home extension, you can never go wrong with Nexxus Remodeling.


For the past 30 years, Nexxus Remodeling has specialized in home extension construction. Through our years of experience, we have gained the knowledge and skills needed to tackle any hardwood flooring installation project that comes our way.

As a result of the longevity, we have built strong relationships with some of the top subcontractors in Los Angeles. It has helped facilitate cohesion and collaboration among parties, creating a conducive working space.

Licensed and Insured

Nexxus Remodeling is a licensed (License # 822320) home extension contractor in Los Angeles. We meet all the regulatory requirements, meaning you won’t be penalized for building a home addition.

What’s more, our liability insurance safeguards against property damage and accidents on the job site. It also compensates all builders and subcontractors, ensuring you are not held responsible for such incidents.

Stellar Customer Service

At Nexxus Remodeling, we prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our customers. We strive to offer outstanding customer service to our clients in Los Angeles. We are open to hearing positive feedback and constructive criticism, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or suggestions.

If you require a professional home addition contractor in Los Angeles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our services

Nexxus Remodeling offers a wide range of contractor services in Los Angeles.

Project planning

We will determine the project’s overall cost and establish the start and completion dates. The project plan will also outline all the details of the project’s development and execution to minimize any potential obstacles during the project.

In addition, the project plan will specify the required construction equipment and materials and the procurement process to ensure that everything remains within budget. We will also outline any potential challenges and include strategies to address them.

Project management

After agreeing on the project’s cost estimates, Nexxus Remodeling will assume responsibility for managing the project. We will ensure sufficient funds are available to avoid delays or disruptions in the project.

Our procurement team will ensure that construction materials are procured before the project starts so they are readily available on the job site.

To ensure that all necessary equipment is on hand, we will purchase or rent them as needed, opting for the most cost-efficient option. We will also take responsibility for selecting and hiring subcontractors and other specialized personnel for the project.

Project tracking

To guarantee the project is completed as scheduled, we will closely monitor all aspects to ensure that builders and subcontractors adhere to all relevant regulations and building codes. Additionally, we will perform quality control checks to ensure that only high-quality materials are used in the construction.

Adherence to health and safety standards

As a leading home extension contractor in Los Angeles, we prioritize the safety of our builders and the property at the construction site. We educate our subcontractors about proper equipment usage and handling to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

In case of any emergencies or unexpected developments at the project site, we will take the necessary steps to address them and will inform you promptly.

Our process

Nexxus Remodeling follows a systematic approach when constructing home extensions in Los Angeles.

Obtaining Permits

To help ensure that your project runs smoothly, we will handle the process of obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant authorities in Los Angeles, including any associated fees and taxes.

The process can take anywhere from a day to a few days. Once we have obtained the necessary permits, we will hire subcontractors for any specialized work.

Interviewing and hiring subcontractors

We will interview all potential candidates and select those who meet our standards and processes. Our hiring process is thorough, especially for new applicants, but we often work with subcontractors from previous projects. It is because they have an established understanding of our processes, reducing potential conflicts of interest throughout the project.

Ordering construction materials

Once the builders and subcontractors are onboard, we will acquire the necessary construction materials. We have established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in Los Angeles, which allows us to obtain materials at a discounted price without compromising on their quality.

Demolition and Rough Construction

After this, we clear the construction area, allowing us to build the foundation. From this point, the builders will install the frame, walls, roof, and other components for the home addition to take shape.

We employ safe techniques for demolition and inform those living nearby as it can be a loud process. Only the critical areas will be dismantled for renovation projects, and the site will be tidied up once the work is finished to prepare for the next phase of construction.

Final touches

After the structure has been built, we move on to adding the final finishing materials. Being one of the top contractors in Los Angeles, we guarantee to use high-quality, long-lasting materials. The designer will select the materials and present them for your approval to prevent potential disagreements.

Why You Should Involve a Contractor in Your Project

Home Addition Contractor

Working with a reputable contractor has many benefits.


Choosing a reputable and trustworthy contractor can help you save money on various costly items. Some home addition contractors may also have connections with larger networks of suppliers who can offer materials at a more favorable price compared to those not associated with a contractor.

Saves You Time

Contractors can also assist clients in saving time. By utilizing their preexisting relationships, they can secure materials promptly. It can aid the client in cutting down on project time, preventing costly delays and moving the project along more efficiently.

A Primary Point of Contact

The home addition contractor will take charge of the entire project. They will have a comprehensive understanding of the budget, schedule and overall construction plan and will ensure to keep the clients updated throughout the construction process.

Customizable Services

Contractors don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, they tailor their services and solutions to bring the client’s vision to reality. The client only needs to provide their goals for the project, and the contractor will take care of the rest.

Prompt Feedback

In a home addition construction in Los Angeles, many moving parts and experts are involved. As such, keeping track of the project’s progress is daunting. However, with a home extension contractor, this vagueness is eliminated.

Since they are the focal point of contact, they will ensure all issues are addressed and changes made as required. As you’d expect, you are more likely to get your desired outcome.

Do You Need a Home Extension?

Home Addition Contractor

If you need a home addition, Nexxus Remodeling got you covered. As a reputable home extension contractor in Los Angeles, we will ensure that your vision comes to light. It all starts with a call to book a consultation.

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