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Nexxus Remodeling, a leading hardwood flooring contractor in Los Angeles, prides itself on offering reliable services to thousands of clients. Over 30 years, we have installed hardwood floors in many homes in Los Angeles and other adjacent towns. If you need professional hardwood flooring, give us a call today!

Why choose Nexxus Remodeling


Nexxus Remodeling has been a hardwood flooring installation contractor for the last three decades. We have acquired the necessary experience and expertise to handle just about any hardwood flooring installation project. 

Thanks to our longevity, we have also created relationships with some of the best subcontractors in Los Angeles. As such, you can expect nothing but quality services from us. 

Reliable services

We are a reliable hardwood flooring contractor regardless of the project’s scope. We ensure to provide services that are not only satisfactory but also meet industry standards. To ensure a smooth project, we visit the construction site, review your needs, and provide advice where necessary.

The best part, we will visit your home until we are sure you are okay with the project’s process. During the construction phase, we will use the best practices and equipment so your project can meet all building codes. And thanks to our reliable customer service team, we will always keep you in the loop about the progress of your project. 

Knowledgeable staff

Nexxus Remodeling is a pool of some of the best designers, builders, engineers, and architects. Most have won awards in their respective industries. We strive to hire talent with a proven track record.

Moreover, they undergo periodic training to keep them abreast of industry standards. Thanks to such knowledgeable staff, we have received positive reviews from many clients. In addition, we have been regarded as the best company in hardwood flooring in Los Angeles.

Quality materials

We strive to work on every project using the best material in the market. And since we have been in the construction business for over 30 years, we’ve developed connections with some of the best suppliers and manufacturers across the country.

Before we can work with any supplier or manufacturer, we research them thoroughly, ensuring they sell or produce industry-standard materials. As such, you can rest assured we will be using high-quality material for your project. 

Insured and licensed

Nexxus Remodeling is a licensed hardwood flooring contractor (License # 822320). We have met all regulatory requirements, meaning we can work on any project. Moreover, our liability insurance covers property damage and accidents that may happen in the workplace. It also compensates all builders and subcontractors, meaning you will not be liable.

Customer care services

We believe in putting the customer first. As such, we ensure to provide satisfactory customer services to our Los Angeles clients. Whether you have a compliment or comment, we are more than ready to listen. So, if you need professional hardwood flooring installation in Los Angeles, feel free to contact us. 

Our services

Project planning

During this phase, we will estimate the project’s total cost. We will also decide which date the project will start and its completion date. The project plan also includes all project development and implementation details. It is to ensure once the project begins, there’ll be fewer hiccups along the way.

It also details the construction equipment will need and also the material that will be used. And to ensure everything is within the budget, it will contain the procurement process. We will also include predicted challenges and how to mitigate them. And to ensure prompt communication, we will provide you and the project participants with an effective communication channel. 

Project management

Once we agree on the project’s estimations, Nexxus Remodeling will take over the management aspect of the project. We will ensure the availability of funds to avoid stalling or derailing the project. Our procurement team will ensure construction materials are bought before the project begins so they can reach the site when needed.

Since it is not uncommon to miss some construction equipment, we will either buy or lease, depending on which is most cost-effective. We will also interview and hire subcontractors and other specialized personnel. And to ensure everyone is paid on time, we will always provide you with progress reports. 

Project tracking

To ensure the hardwood flooring installation project is completed at the agreed time, we will track every aspect of the project. It ensures the builders and subcontractors comply with regulatory and building codes. Besides, we will perform quality control, ensuring only high-quality materials are used. 

Since don’t want to go overboard, Nexxus Remodeling will ensure the use of cost-effective construction methods. The procurement team will also ensure a steady material supply, scheduling purchases in advance.

Adherence to health and safety standards

As a leading company in hardwood flooring in Los Angeles, we guarantee safety for our builders and the property on-site. We ensure to raise awareness among the subcontractors so they can observe proper equipment operation, preventing accidents and injuries. We also deal with all emergencies and unforeseen issues at the project site. If any, we will report to you promptly. 

Our process

Securing necessary permits

To ensure your project runs smoothly, we will obtain permits from the authority in Los Angeles. We will cater to all fees and taxes that may apply. The hardwood flooring installation permit might take a day or a few days. Once we obtain the permits, we can move on to hire subcontractors for specialized work.

Interviewing and hiring subcontractors

We will interview all applicants and hire those we believe meet our process and standards. Our hiring process is rigorous, especially for new applicants. We often work with subcontractors from previous projects. It is because they understand our processes, mitigating conflict of interest through the project. 

Ordering construction materials

Once we have the subcontractors on board, we will move on to obtain the necessary construction materials. And thanks to our relationship with manufacturers and suppliers in Los Angeles, we can obtain them at a discounted price. You can rest assured they will be of high quality.

Demolition and construction

The next step is removing the old flooring and any residue. However, before this process, we let the hardwood boards acclimate to the room temperature and humidity to avoid damage. We will remove the carpet strips and baseboards, if any, leaving the floor bare for installation.

After this, the builders will locate the joists, cut the casing, and secure the underlayment. It is to ensure it is running the lengths perpendicular to posts. From here, the builders will install the planks, making sure to fit every corner.

Final touches

Depending on your preferences, we can refinish your hardwood floor, making the work easier and more cost-effective. It allows the installation of hardwood flooring in kitchens and half-baths. If you prefer unfinished wood flooring, it will require sanding and finishing after installation. It might take several days to finish. 

Methods we use to install hardwood flooring

Nail down

It is the most conventional hardwood flooring installation in Los Angeles. It involves nailing the planks to the subfloor. We use a nail gun to ensure the nails go into the tongue of the planks. To ensure optimal contraction and expansion, we leave a space of 1/4” to 3/8” between the wall and flooring. While a traditional method, it is the most complicated.

Staple down

With this method, we can use both solid and engineered wood flooring. While the process is similar to nail-down, it uses staples rather than nails. The advantage of using this method is that staples provide a firmer grip on your wood planks. 

Glue down

We use this method for a variety of wood flooring. It is also ideal for creating unique designs thanks to its flexibility. Besides, most types of flooring are sold as glue-down products. We ensure to use VOC-free adhesives. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) produce toxins that harm pets and humans. 


Also known as the snap-together or click-together method, it locks flooring using grooves in each plank. Unlike other methods, we do not attach the floors to the subfloor. Rather, the floor stays in place thanks to the planks’ pressure and the surrounding walls. It is by far the easiest method and the most cost-effective. 

Do you need hardwood flooring installation?

Installing hardwood flooring in your house comes with many benefits. For example, it is durable and elegant, adds value to your home, and the color doesn’t fade. Nexxus Remodeling is a leading hardwood flooring contractor that can work on any hardwood installation project in Los Angeles. Call us to book an appointment.

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