Customized Homemade Flooring Near Me In Los Angeles

Are you looking for customized flooring in Los Angeles? Nexxus Remodeling can help you achieve customized flooring. We have over 30 years of experience, serving many clients in LA over these years. With our vast experience and expertise, we can handle any flooring project.

Why you need floor remodeling

Upgrading your look

The most popular reason homeowners in Los Angeles remodel their floors is to upgrade the house’s aesthetics. If you installed inexpensive flooring in the past, it might not be holding up, warranting a renovation. It can help elevate the look of your house significantly.

Besides, you might want to install flooring that complements your furniture. You should consult companies offering customized flooring in Los Angeles to get the best results.

And Nexxus Remodeling is such a company you can consult. We will ensure to upgrade the look of your house to meet your needs, both aesthetically and functionally.

To mitigate allergies

Besides dust from the outside air, old carpets can also contribute to asthma attacks and other breathing difficulties. Old rugs and flooring trap pollen and dust, which, when released into the air, cause allergies. It is for this reason you need to install new flooring.

Not only does a new carpet improve the look of your house, but it is also easy to clean. To avoid allergens, you can consider installing hard floorings, such as tiles and hardwood.

For insulation

Winters in Los Angeles aren’t exactly frigid, but nevertheless, it is always best to insulate your house to help maintain your desired living temperature. Carpeting is a practical way to maintain warmth in your home as it provides the insulation needed to keep your house warm throughout the winter.

Laminating your floor can also improve insulation. It is because it requires the installation of underlayment. It can also offer sound dampening, making your house more comfortable.

Insulating your floor also reduces costs since you don’t have to run air conditioners or heaters as often. Floor remodeling enables you to enjoy these benefits.

Increase home value

You might consider renovating your floor if you want to sell your house at a higher price, as no potential buyer wants a house with a rundown floor. Replacing your flooring will surely increase the value of your home. You might consider installing durable flooring such as hardwood or tile to do so.

It will save the new homeowner from replacing it after a few years. Renovated flooring also makes your house look elegant and well-maintained, attracting potential buyers. Since they’ll realize they won’t have to redo it themselves, they are more likely to buy the house.

You bought a new house

Unless the house has new flooring, you might need customized homemade flooring to give your new house the look and feel you want. Renovating the floor before settling in will be faster and easier than after you have fully moved in.

To improve safety

Different types of flooring in Los Angeles can pose safety risks to specific people. For example, elderly relatives might slip on tile floors since they are slippery, especially the ever-so-common saltillo tiles that the Southern California community loves so much. Other flooring materials might not be compatible with a walker if it is not a smooth surface.

As such, you need to install new flooring to improve your family’s safety. You might choose firmer and slightly rugged flooring, preventing slips and falls significantly, or a softer carpet when you have kids playing throughout the house.

Why work with Nexxus Remodeling

Nexxus Remodeling is an expert in customized homemade flooring in Los Angeles. We have a team of experts who specialize in flooring renovation, enabling you to get nothing but the best flooring services in LA. And with over 30 years of experience, we know how to handle any situation.

We also offer thorough training to our employees, enabling them to stay abreast of trends in the market. Having received licenses from relevant bodies, we can work in any neighborhood in Los Angeles. And should there be any unforeseen circumstances during the process of replacing your flooring, we have the skills to handle them with ease.

We aim to accommodate most clients seeking our services. For this reason, we have a pricing model that caters to most floor remodeling needs. Whether you want to renovate the whole house or a single room, Nexxus has you covered.

Like any other service, you want to bring in a flooring company with an impressive record of accomplishment. Nexxus is such a company that has met the needs and wishes of customers in the past.

Please don’t take our word for it; read our many 5-star testimonials and reviews from past clients. We have demonstrated that we live up to our name, from single room renovations to large whole house builds.

Unlike most flooring companies, we accommodate changes during the construction process. Whether you want to mix colors or flooring materials, we will offer professional suggestions to meet this need. We try to achieve what you want regardless of how much work it will take to achieve the final product you desire.

Nexxus provides its Los Angeles clients with many options to choose from. It depends on the room needing renovation. Some of the popular flooring options include:

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Carpets
  • Stone flooring
  • Concrete flooring
  • Tile flooring
  • Linoleum flooring

As you can see, there are many materials to choose from, enabling you to achieve that personalized touch. Give us a call today to book a consultation.

Nexxus Remodeling values every client seeking our services. We ensure you have a pleasant experience during the project phase. From answering your questions to providing professional advice, we maintain professionalism while making you feel at home.

And for peace of mind, we honor deadlines and offer after-sales services. We are also open to your feedback, which enables us to improve our customer service.

Our process

Home visit

First, we visit the homes of our Los Angeles clients. Here, we discuss your budget, wishes, needs, and specifications. We offer professional advice where needed so that the remodeling process might be as smooth as possible. It also enables us to identify any obstacles that may arise during the renovation.

Depending on the design and the material you want, we will provide you with images. You will then choose your most desired image. After this, a designer will develop a plan to enable uninterrupted remodeling. Once we agree on the costs and specifications, we will commence renovating your floor.


Demolition and protection

We will remove the old flooring and debris while protecting your furniture and walls against damage. Once the bare floor is clean, we will start the renovation phase.



We use high-quality materials to improve your homemade flooring’s longevity. Our team will ensure the flooring attaches tightly to the bare floor to avoid unnecessary wear and tear and that it is nice and quiet to walk on. We will then let you inspect the project.


Final touches and handing over

Once you are satisfied with our work, we will clean the floor, rearrange your furniture, and wipe the adjacent walls before turning the house back over to you.


Types of homemade flooring

While there are many floor types in Los Angeles, here are the most popular among our customers:

Wood flooring

Wood flooring is the most popular flooring choice in LA. We work with many variations of wood flooring as it comes in different colors, grains, widths and textures. Wood is always in style, and there is something for everyone due to the many variations available. Wood also varies quite a bit in price, so whether the budget is big or small, we can find a way to make this flooring choice work for our clients.

Tile flooring

We can use ceramic or porcelain tiles. The former is softer and slippery, while the latter is harder and less slippery. If you have elderly relatives in your house, we recommend porcelain tiles. Otherwise, ceramic tiles are cheaper and more popular.

Concrete flooring

Concrete flooring is very modern and has become a common flooring here in Los Angeles. We can add dyes to improve its appeal and treat it for a more complex finish. It is easier to maintain concrete floors since we seal them properly during installation. Concrete floors are also very durable, lending them well to a variety of situations, especially in high-traffic areas of your home.

Stone flooring

Stone flooring might be a perfect choice if you want a classic appeal. As you’d expect, the cost differs depending on the type of stone chosen. The chief benefit of installing stone flooring is its durability. It can withstand everyday pressure and keeps dust and allergens at bay.

Carpet flooring

Carpets are famous in Los Angeles thanks to their ease of installation and soft touch. We can install all types of carpet depending on your needs. The best part about carpet is that it is comfortable and cost-effective. Carpet requires minimal maintenance but is not the most durable, especially in high-traffic areas or if you have pets.

Vinyl flooring

If you want a glossy-looking floor, vinyl flooring might do the trick. It allows you to have the look of wood at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl flooring is also affordable, easy to install, and waterproof. While it might not be your first choice, it has become an extremely popular option.

If you are looking to redo your floors, especially if you are looking for custom flooring, call or email us to book a consultation today. We guarantee top-notch customized flooring in Los Angeles.

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