Garage Conversion Contractor In Los Angeles

If you are looking for a garage conversion contractor in Los Angeles, consider contacting Nexxus Remodeling. We have over three decades of garage conversion experience, offering unmatched services in and around Los Angeles. We use industry-standard equipment and best practices, ensuring the success of your project.

Why you should work with Nexxus

Our knowledgeable staff

Nexxus Remodeling has a team of expert builders, designers, and other construction professionals. We strive to hire from the best institutions around Los Angeles and professionals with a proven record of accomplishment.

Some of our staff have received awards for their exceptional work in their line of duty. Besides, we offer periodic training to our team, ensuring they stay well-versed with industry trends. This expertise has enabled us to integrate new technology into our company seamlessly.

Our reliable services

We are among the few garage conversion contractors in Los Angeles who keep their word. We visit your construction site, provide professional advice, and see that you understand the construction process nitty-gritty. And if there are delays or unforeseen hiccups when working on your project, we inform you in advance.

And since we use some of the industry’s best construction practices and technologies, you can rest assured we will deliver results that meet your needs. If you need a garage conversion contractor in Los Angeles that will not make your project a living hell, we are the company to turn to.

Our amazing customer service

Besides reliable services, we offer accommodating customer services. We keep you on the hook about your project until completion. Our team will obtain permits on your behalf, ensure the project complies with local laws, carry out professional construction, and give you regular progress reports.

For peace of mind, we will also source the construction material and equipment for you. And once we complete the project, we will keep tabs for a while just in case you need any changes or improvements.  

Quality materials

Nexxus Remodeling has been converting garages in Los Angeles for over 30 years. Through the years, we have developed contact with some of the best construction material suppliers and manufacturers.

Before we can onboard a supplier or manufacturer, we assess them thoroughly, ensuring they don’t sell or use sub-standard materials. It means all our construction materials in your project will be of high quality.

We also use industry-standard construction equipment, improving our builders’ and your property’s productivity and safety.

Our experience

We have over three decades of garage conversion experience in Los Angeles. We got you sorted on whether you want to turn it into an office, an additional bedroom, or an outside dining room. You can rest assured of satisfactory results with the necessary tools, resources, and technology.

Licensed and insured

Nexxus is a licensed Garage conversion contractor in Los Angeles. We have met all the regulatory requirements. Besides, we have insurance coverage for accidents, property damage, and worker’s compensation. It means you won’t be liable for any costs as we work on your project.

Services we offer

So, what can you expect from Nexxus Remodeling?

Project planning

It is a master schedule for your project, describing all construction activities, project timeline, and estimated budget. It also contains standard construction equipment and materials. There’s also a transparent procurement process explained in the document. Our team also lists some expected changes or risks and develops strategies to mitigate them.

We will also provide an effective communication channel among all participants. Ideally, you’ll have a single contact point, which is us. The sub-contractors and other experts will be answerable to us too. If there are any legal or regulatory issues, we will address them during project planning.

Project management

We will offer management services on your behalf to ensure we complete the project within the estimated time. Some duties will include ensuring funds are available throughout the construction phase. We will also procure construction materials so they can reach the construction site on time.

And if any construction equipment is missing, we will decide whether to buy or lease them. As you’d expect, your budget will determine the best approach. We will interview and hire sub-contractors on your behalf if we need them. For timely payments, we will create progress reports.

Project tracking

Not only does Nexxus Remodeling manage your project, but we also track its progress. Tracking your project is fundamental to ensure completion within the contract specifications and schedules. It also helps to reduce disruptions and other hiccups. We perform quality control, ensuring sub-contractors use the right equipment and construction materials.

To prevent costs from ballooning, we aim to use cost-effective construction methods, such as leasing equipment rather than buying. We also ensure a constant supply of materials by scheduling purchases in advance. We emphasize site safety by providing builders with appropriate construction gear for peace of mind.

Legal and safety issues

Garage conversion contractors in Los Angeles also take care of legal and regulatory issues, and Nexxus Remodeling is no exception. We acquire the necessary permits and licenses before starting your project. We also take care of taxes and fees that may apply. It is to ensure the construction process follows Los Angele’s and your local building codes.

Likewise, we guarantee health and safety on the construction site. We raise awareness and follow operational procedures, ensuring the workers use construction equipment properly.

It mitigates susceptibility to accidents due to equipment misuse. Moreover, we will report to you promptly in case of emergencies or unforeseen issues.

Our garage conversion process

How do we go about converting your garage? Let’s find out

Securing of permits

Before discussing your project, we will obtain the necessary permits and licenses. We also submit our construction plans and documents, allowing us to get the permits. We also cater to all permit fees and taxes that apply. Depending on your location and conversion needs, it may take a day or a few weeks. Once we obtain the permit and license, we can move on to the next phase.

Interviewing and hiring sub-contractors

The next step is to hire sub-contractors to complete specialized work. As a leading garage conversion contractor in Los Angeles, we strive to work with only the best. They can include electricians and plumbers.

Ordering construction materials

We allow you to choose materials for your project. However, our designers are ready to assist you if you are unsure of the style and quality. We factor in affordability when choosing materials. It is to ensure the cost is within the estimated budget.

And as you’d expect, we’ll only use high-quality products. Thanks to our healthy relationship with suppliers and manufacturers, we obtain these materials at a discounted price.


 At this stage, we will remove all components in your garage that are not necessary. It will depend on the final product. For example, if you want to convert it into a dwelling unit, we might do away with storage compartments. We will also ensure the walls and roof are in good condition to avoid future accidents.

Rough construction

Our team will also work on the floor if it needs insulation, damp proofing or leveling. Most homeowners tend to infill the garage door by bricking it up. We can also insulate the walls and the roof for a comfortable living space.

Finally, we will provide provision for additional windows and doors. The plumbers and electricians will take care of the ductwork.

Installing finish materials

It is the final step, where the builders will install finish material to improve the aesthetics of your converted garage. We will use materials that you have approved, ensuring to stick to your desired style and design.

Besides, we ensure to comply will your local building codes. We encourage you to visit the construction site to raise the alarm where necessary. You can also request changes before completing your project.

Punch list and payment

Our designers will prepare a punch list detailing anything that needs to be addressed. It always other project participants to understand what is left to be done. Once everyone is on the same page, and the adjustments are made, we will request payment before handing over the garage to you. If you don’t pay in time, we will issue a lien.

Do you need garage conversion?

Garage conversion in Los Angeles has many benefits, such as adding property value, improved home functionality, and increased garage size. And this requires the input of an expert. We got you sorted if you need a reliable garage conversion contractor in Los Angeles. Give us a call to book a consultation.

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