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Nexxus Remodeling is the best contractor in Los Angeles, with over 30 years of experience. We've helped thousands of customers across Los Angeles turn their ideas into reality, thanks to our vast experience in the industry. You can call us to book a consultation if you need professional general contractor services.


To ensure your construction project runs smoothly, you need a professional general contractor who understands the ropes of a construction project. It helps you follow through with your project seamlessly, reducing material and time waste.

At Nexxus, we are a team of some of the best experts in the construction industry. From designers to architects, we ensure you get what you paid for. Furthermore, we stay abreast of trends in the construction industry, meaning we employ some of the latest general contractor tactics.


Our longevity in the construction industry has seen us become the best contractor in Los Angeles. We have offered general contractor services for over 30 years. We have overseen some of the most iconic construction projects in Los Angeles.

With vast experience, we know what works and doesn’t in Los Angeles. As such, we offer professional advice should we realize the project won’t see the light of day. Our experience as general contractors has enabled us to acquire crucial resources and tools that aid in fast-tracking your project.


Well, we are not the company that hide expenses from their clients. Even before we can start overseeing your project, we give you a cost estimate, showing you where every penny is spent. It means you’ll clearly understand how your budget will be divided.

In addition, we provide the client with all necessary documents. If you need to know who will do the plumbing, we can provide you with the papers. And if you need to verify them, we are more than willing to help.

Top-notch technology

Our goal is to offer satisfactory services. And one way we achieve this is through using industry-standard software. From design to customer relationship, we ensure the process runs smoothly. Our builders will use modern technology to reduce material wastage.

Amazing customer service

Over the last three decades, we have built a rapport with past and current clients. It is thanks to our stellar customer service. We do not only sell you our services but also experience. From visiting your project site to offering professional recommendations.

Nexxus Remodeling is always ready to answer your question and listen to your comments. It is through this communication channel we can serve you better. So, feel free to drop a comment or ask any questions. You can also check out our past client reviews

Best materials

As one of the best general contractors in Los Angeles, we use the best material in the market to deliver an elegant and durable structure. Nexxus Remodeling sources its materials from renowned manufacturers and suppliers across the country.


Nexxus Remodeling, the best contractor in Los Angeles, is a certified company (Lic #822320) by the Los Angeles Contractors Board. It means we have met all the requirements to oversee any construction. You can rest assured your structure will meet all legal needs.


You don’t have to worry about property damage since our liability insurance coverage protects your project.

What we do

As one of the best contractors in Los Angeles, we play many roles in different construction projects. But, here are the most common.

Project planning

All construction projects we oversee have deadlines and planned budgets. We ensure we complete projects before the deadlines to avoid unnecessary penalties. During this stage, we create an elaborate plan that describes the project.

We detail:

  • Project development and implementation details.
  • The equipment and materials that will be used during construction. We’ll also detail the procurement process.
  • The Possible changes and compromises during the construction phase. If possible, we will provide ways how to mitigate them.
  • The Legal issues that may arise and ways to tackle them.
  • The communication channel among project participants.

Nexxus Remodeling also establishes a budget for your project, helping us track construction costs. It enables us to reduce costs while improving productivity.

Project management

To ensure we complete construction projects in Los Angeles on time, we develop a management structure that oversees every aspect of the project. We ensure there’re enough funds to avoid stalling your project. Also, we procure materials beforehand, ensuring they reach the site in time. Since many pieces of equipment are required, we ensure purchasing and renting before construction begins. We also interview and hire subcontracts, ensuring they meet the project standards. You can expect prompt progress reports to keep you abreast of the project.

Project tracking

Our detailed project tracking process has made us among the best general contractors in Los Angeles. It helps us ensure the work is within our schedules and specifications. As such, we can reduce the disruption affecting the project’s flow.

Through this process, we conduct quality control, ensuring only the best materials are used. To prevent ballooning costs, we implement cost-effective construction approaches. And since we must finish your project in time, we ensure constant construction materials supply.

Nexxus Remodeling offers the best general contractor services in Los Angeles. Give us a call to book a consultation.

Handle legal and regulatory issues

You don’t have to worry about your project meeting the proper standards. We acquire all necessary licenses and permits on your behalf before your project begins. Besides, we cover any fees and taxes that are necessary.

We also ensure your project meets all Los Angeles building codes and legislation. It means working with us will have your project progress without any disruption.

Handle health and safety issues

For the project to run smoothly, one must guarantee the safety of the workers. And this is what Nexxus remodeling does. Being the best contractor in Los Angeles, we raise awareness among workers about the best construction procedures.

We also ensure proper handling of equipment to prevent accidents. And in case of any emergencies, we will report to you or your supervision staff for a prompt response.

Our process

Securing permits

To ensure your project meets all Los Angeles regulations, we go the extra mile and obtain permits on your behalf. It ranges from building codes to local legislation.

Besides, we submit our existing plans and construction documents to obtain permits. Depending on the project’s scope, it can take anywhere from a day to several weeks.

Obtaining construction materials

After obtaining all necessary permits, we will continue to order construction materials within your budget. While we consider affordability, quality is our top priority. We ensure we are using the best construction materials to avoid injuries or accidents in the future.

At this stage, we liaise with our clients, ensuring the design or texture is according to their preferences.

Demolition and cleaning

Once the background activities are finalized, it’s time to get messy. As the best general contractor in Los Angeles, we use safe demolition methods. Besides, we notify your neighbors since it is a noisy process. If it is a remodeling project, we will ensure to demolish what is required. Once complete, we will clean up the site for the construction to begin.

At Nexxus Remodeling, we use safe demolition procedures and equipment, ensuring safety and avoiding unnecessary material wastage.


At this stage, we build the structure of the building, such as ductwork, wall frames, and electrical conduits. It is at this phase you’ll start seeing your building take shape. We install all necessary frames, inspecting each to ensure they meet your requirements.

Besides, we conduct inspections on plumbing and electrical installations. We’ll have a designer on site to ensure the building meets the specifications. We also let our clients inspect the facility, so they can raise the alarm and make recommendations where they deem necessary.

Installing finish materials

Once the building takes shape, we proceed to install the finish material. As one of the best contractors in Los Angeles, we ensure to use the best and most durable finish material available. Our designer will pick the material, and you’ll have to approve it. It is to avoid conflict of interest. 

While our priority is to improve the aesthetics of your building, we also ensure they meet building codes, especially if it is a commercial project. An inspector will be present to ensure proper material installation. Our designer will have a punch list detailing what needs to be refined.


Once the project is over, we will ask for payment. At the start of the project, we present the client with a document that details the payment schedule. You will review it at this stage, ensuring we’ve met all agreed-upon terms.


We will hand over the finished building to you upon making the final payment. Nexxus Remodeling is the best contractor in Los Angeles, meaning you can trust us with your construction needs. To get started contact us today for a free in-person consultation.   

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