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Van Nuys

07/23/2008 – GORDON T

It went fine. The workers were prompt, hard-working, friendly, productive, and did excellent work. If anything they were slightly too enthusiastic, coming at around 7:00 AM on the 4th of July holiday, which caused us some concern that they might wake up our neighbors; however, they made a point to be as quiet as possible and did not use equipment until later. Clearly, the goal was to complete the work Read More

01/05/2009 – VERNON D

Someone kicked in my back door and broke into my house while I was out of town for Xmas. I flew home early to fix the issue before my wife and newborn child returned. I called Nexxus and explained my situation to Tony. He asked a few questions over the phone and provided me with both answers and cost effective solutions right away. Within 24 hours of that phone call Read More

07/26/2009 – GORDON T

We had a plumbing emergency and a portion of our bedroom hardwood floor (under a carpet) warped badly. Moisture also entered into the walls between the bathroom and bedroom. Immediately called Tony, who counseled us to contact our insurance company, have the emergency work (dehydration) done through them and then, if we decided to, get back to him about the actual repairs. That was great advice: we received sufficient funds Read More

03/23/2010 – Soodabeh K

It took them five times of doing badly before I just let it go. Eveything they did badly they said they would come back to redo, but I got tired of the process. The painters they had were excellent. Description of work: They put up drywall. It was done poorly. They had to rip up. They put molding around baseboards and windows. That did not match. They said they would Read More

03/20/2014 – James L C

I called TONY, and he went into a long conversation about his work is 200-300% higher than what my insurance would estimate, so he really has no interest in my project… I won’t be calling NEXXUS in the future. Description of work: Sent message to call him about doing bathroom repairs, and wanted his estimate. Category: Painting – Interior Services Performed: No Work Completed Date: 03/20/2014 Hire Again: No James L Cook 6814 Forbes Read More

11/11/2016 – Jeffrey J

Tony is my family’s go to person when it comes to remodeling and construction needs. If you are looking for a quality remodel and don’t want to worry all day about whether they get it right, Tony is your guy. My house did not need a ton of cosmetic changes, so I did not take any before photos, but please take a look at his website/yelp for the possibilities that Read More