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Toluca Lake

12/22/2009 – Scott B

The entire project proceeded extremely efficiently. From the first phone call to the drawings to final installation, it couldn’t have more smoothly. Tony was very responsive to our needs and made sure everything was done to our utmost satisfaction. Description of work: Custom cabinets/entertainment center was built, including roll-out drawers and bookshelves. Painted to match existing trim work. Category: Cabinet Making, Painting – Interior Services Performed: Yes Cost: $9000 Work Completed Date: 12/15/2009 Hire Read More

04/14/2012 – Peter W

We met with Tony from Nexxus Remodeling two days after I made the initial call. We told him what our budget was and what we wanted to do. We discussed variations on what could be done within our budget range. He returned with a simple contract that stated what was to be done at what cost. He clearly stated what was his financial responsibility and what was ours. He also Read More

09/03/2012 – Peter W

Nexxus began the job within a day or two and remained on the job until it was finished. They did an excellent job of preparing the siding. They washed all surfaces prior to scraping and sanding. All grooves were scraped and caulked and re-sanded to present a consistent surface. They kept all work areas neat and cleaned up on a daily basis. They did an excellent job of matching our Read More

04/11/2013 – Peter W

From surface preparation to final detail touch up ,they did an excellent job on entire project. The most important piece of any painting project is surface prep. All of the wood was sanded, stripped where needed, repaired as needed, re-sanded, coated with primer, then painted. They took precautions to limit any over spray, they were very careful with plants, flowers, and shrubs. As this was their third time working for Read More

06/16/2014 – Peter W

I made a call to Tony Panterra regarding a tile that had come loose in our kitchen floor. Nexxus Construction had performed a complete remodeled our Kitchen in February of 2012. When I explained what had happened Tony had a representative at our home the next day! He looked at the tiles and then examined the entire floor. He felt it was best that several tiles be replaced and the Read More

09/29/2014 – Peter W

From the work description the project sounds very simple and somewhat minimal in scope. The problem lies in that the house is a large ranch style home built in the late 1920s. All of the exterior walls are all solid redwood paneling that suffers severe expansion and contraction from the hot and cold weather that occurs frequently within a years time. Nexxus has a team of painters that have been the only Read More