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San Marino

03/29/2008 – George F

Our personal situation is that my wife and I live and commute between two continents. We do not have the ability to continuously deal with a contractor. We needed someone who was reputable, reliable and professional. Through Angie’s List, we found Nexxus. We met Tony and we were pleased with his no *expletive* approach. We agreed to a 2 phase remodeling plan. Phase I cost $75000. Tony was not the Read More

09/06/2008 – George F

This was Phase II of a major remodeling (Phase I was reported in Angie s list on March 29, 08). Including fixtures, the total job amounted to over $200K. The total time for Phase I and II took 4 months. With the exception of the kitchen, the whole house (about 3K sq ft) was remodeled. Tony and his team were very professional, friendly and did a quality job. John, his Read More

08/13/2009 – George F

This is the 3rd time that I have used Tony. The previous times were for a major remodeling job of my home. Besides promptly installing the tankless water systems, we had purchased a new, modern washer-dryer system and asked Nexxus to install it for us. This required some rewiring, moving a gas line, re-routing the duct work, painting and framing the laundry closet. All work was professionally done by his Read More

10/11/2009 – George F

This is the 4th time that I have used Nexxus. Previously, I used Tony for a major remodeling of my home and very recently installing 2 tankless water systems. On Friday, the day before Labor day weekend, I noticed that water from the outside sprinkler was seeping through the frame of my French window. On investigating, I realized that the window frame had severe rotting. I contacted Tony who was Read More