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La Canada

12/11/2006 – MARGARET G

Tony really cares how things look, which is an all too rare trait in contractors and he insisted that things be redone until they met his standards. Two examples of many, When the carpenter’s paint job wasn’t up to his standards, he called in his painters who completely redid it on Tony’s dime. For the final inspection he didn’t like the way the pipes under the sink looked, so he Read More

08/04/2007 – MARGARET G

The purpose was to replace the fireplace and living room wall with glass and upgrade living room/dining room to hardwood floor from wall-to-wall carpeting. It has transformed that side of the house, with increased light and providing a panoramic view of the nearby hills. The newly-tiled patio has given us in effect a new outside room where we now habitually eat meals. The work is of a high quality throughout Read More