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You can consult design-build firms in Los Angeles to avoid high construction costs. Among them is Nexxus Remodeling. Design-build approach allows you to build your property hassle free since design-build companies manage all construction aspects. And this is what we afford you.

We have been in the industry for over three decades, acquiring much-needed experience to handle a wide array of projects. We offer wholesome design-build services, from planning to construction. Contact us to book a consultation today.

Why work with us


Nexxus Remodeling is a leading design-build firm in Los Angeles employing some of the best experts in the construction industry. Besides, as an expert, relevant bodies and authorities have verified us, meaning we offer industry-standard services. We are a benchmark company in Los Angeles, setting standards for other design-build companies to follow.

Our hiring process is rigorous, ensuring we only work with the best. We offer regular training to our employees, ensuring they stay abreast of the industry trends. As such, you can expect nothing but professional services from Nexxus Remodeling.


We are among the pioneering design-build firms in Los Angeles, with over 30 years of experience. From working with individuals to companies, we have the expertise to tackle any project. Our longevity in the industry enables us to identify the best design-build practices.

It means we can analyze if your ideas are viable or not. We, therefore, offer professional advice if needed. You can contact us to book a consultation if you need a professional to handle your design-build project in Los Angeles.


Nexxus Remodeling is a certified company (license #822320) under the Los Angeles construction authority. It means we meet all relevant requirements for a professional design-build company. From our processes, equipment, and staff, we ensure to follow all guidelines stipulated in the regulations.

It means there’s no risk in entrusting us with your project since we will ensure we get all necessary permits before embarking on it. In addition, you can legally hold us accountable in case of any misunderstanding. Of course, this is a rarity.


As one of the leading design-build firms in Los Angeles, we ensure to protect your property through our liability insurance. The insurance covers bodily injuries in case of an accident. And in the event of property damage, it will cover the repair costs, so you don’t have to.

Top-notch technology

We use the latest technology to speed up construction and mitigate wastage. The AutoCAD software enables us to develop a precise design and make quick changes. During the construction phase, we use sustainable equipment, reducing energy consumption and material and money wastage. We keep you abreast of your project with robust customer relationship management (CRM) technology.

Amazing customer service

At Nexxus Remodeling, we believe in offering top-notch customer service. It is because our company wouldn’t be running without you. We answer clients’ questions and reply to their feedback, enabling us to garner positive reviews.

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us via our number or other channels. If you want to work with a design-build company that values its clients, Nexxus Remodeling is your best bet.

Our design-build process

Project planning

Before we can start working on your project, we first conduct front-end planning. It enables us to analyze it thoroughly, identifying risks in the process. At this stage, we will evaluate the project’s viability and identify areas that need modifications. We’ll also identify liabilities and develop ways to mitigate them.

We will involve all project participants for exceptional results to avoid conflict of interest. Once we agree on the way forward, we will provide you with a budget estimate. You’ll review it, and in case of any hiccups, we can negotiate. Finally, you’ll sign the document, giving a green light for the next phase.

Engineering and designing

Our team will develop a precise design according to your specifications at this stage. We can create a design using modern software such as AutoCAD within a few weeks. The engineering team will also ensure precise measurements to improve the building’s integrity. With an accurate layout, we can guarantee the completion of the project within the set schedule and budget.


To ensure your project runs smoothly, Nexxus Remodeling provides timely procurement of materials and equipment. Our robust vendor management system allows us to source construction materials from reputable suppliers.

The system also allows us to develop a procurement schedule mitigating any downtime. We consider factors like material supply, shipping delays, and market volatility to set the schedule. We also identify equipment that we should purchase and those we need to rent.


Finally, we can start working on your Los Angeles project. Our builders will first ensure the site is safe for construction, demolishing structures and disposing of waste. Construction begins as other parts are in the design or engineering phase. It is the phase where rough construction commences, such as building frame walls.

In this phase, we also ensure safe construction material custody and assess cost predictability accuracy, considering direct and indirect costs. We also ensure project transparency among stakeholders, enabling the client to provide feedback during the project’s lifecycle.

Final touches and handover

After rough construction, our builders and subcontractors will install the finish material. It ensures the project is within your specifications and local building codes. Once complete, we will hand over the project to you after making the final payment.

Why consider design-build

Reduced costs

Unlike traditional construction in Los Angeles, design-build is a cost-effective approach. Interviewing and hiring designers, builders, and engineers rests in the design-build company. It, therefore, allows you to concentrate on the project’s specifications.

As you’d expect, companies such as Nexxus Remodeling only work with reputable subcontractors. It enables you to receive high-quality services at reduced prices. Furthermore, design-build companies will ensure you get quality materials, mitigating ongoing maintenance costs in the future.

Quality materials

Another benefits of choosing design-build is using industry-standard construction materials. Conventional building approaches can see you use sub-standard materials without your knowledge since you manage all construction aspects. Unfortunately, rogue suppliers might take advantage if you are a novice in sourcing construction materials.

With design-build, the company takes care of all material needs. Reputable companies will have a vendor management system, allowing them to work with renowned suppliers and manufacturers. It bolsters your building’s safety and integrity while mitigating penalties from authorities.

Common goal

In the conventional construction approach, participants will have different goals. For example, what the designer presents to the owner might be daunting to the builders. It causes unnecessary conflicts and changes, delaying your project.

A design-build Los Angeles (LA) company will mitigate the above scenarios. Nexxus Remodeling manages all construction aspects, from design to construction. As such, you’ll only need to consult us for feedback and project tracking. It means construction completion within the set schedule and budget.


As mentioned, traditional construction approaches have many participants in a single project. And since each participant is vested in their interests, accountability is minimal or nonexistent. As such, should there be property damage or injury, parties might blame each other. In the end, the project owner will have to cover the liabilities.

With design-build, accountability lies with the construction company. They are accountable for damages or injuries during the construction cycle. Fortunately, we have liability insurance that covers such scenarios.

Prompt communication

Many contractors and builders involved in traditional construction approaches affect effective communication significantly. It leads to delays and increased expenses. Design-build in Los Angeles allows the project owner to communicate with the design-build company only.

Thanks to the regular progress briefs, which allow you to track the project and provide feedback. It means we will complete your project within the predetermined timeframe.


Nexxus Remodeling makes the cut if you are looking for professional design-build in Los Angeles (LA). A proficient design-build company not only affords you stellar services but also ensures prompt quality control for exceptional results.

Moreover, they’ll seek to work with other experienced industry subcontractors. So, if you don’t want to compromise the safety of your buildings, ensure to use the design-build approach.

Is design-build the right approach for your project?

As you can see, with design-build, you’ll not micromanage every construction phase. Instead, we will handle material purchases, obtaining permits, and more. It also reduces construction problems during the project’s cycle since there’s collaboration in the project’s formative stages.

Nexxus Remodeling is one of the best design-build firms in Los Angeles, and we can help you achieve your construction or remodeling dream using this method. Contact us via our phone or social media channels for more information on design-build. 

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