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We service the Greater Los Angeles area

The cost of the project is dependent on multiple factors such as materials, size of project, amount of permitting required, access to the job site, city inspections and approvals to name a few. Also, each project is unique so no project will cost the same as another. Please call us at 818-535-7868 to get a better understanding of what your project may cost.

To get started with us you first need to make the decision that you want the job done and then call us at 818-535-7868 to get started.

A design build firm simplifies the building process due to its unique one stop shop approach. With a design build firm, all aspects of the process are handled internally so there is no need to find additional tradesmen or designers to complete your project. We can handle it all.

No. With a design build firm like ours, we handle everything. There is no need to find any additional contractors or subcontractors.

Depending on the job most of the time we can start within a week. If there are any permit issues it is dependent on the city or state until we get their approval (Potentially weeks or months).

It depends on the scope of work at hand as some projects are much larger than others. It also depends on the availability and access to materials. If we have to wait for materials to dry or cure that will also extend the length of the project. Another potential circumstance is that city officials might slow us down due to the speed in which we are able to obtain a permit or the required approvals. Our goal is always to finish as fast as possible, one of the reasons why we work on weekends.

We generally start working at the construction between 8 AM and 9 AM in the morning.

We usually end the workday around 4 PM or 5 PM.

Do your workers clean up daily?

We typically work 5-6 days per week but, when necessary, can work 7 days per week.

At stores such as Lowe’s or The Home Depot, we do not get a discount but some suppliers do provide us with better pricing that we can forward to the customer.

That is left up to the experience of the contractor and designer. When designing your project we will do the majority of this for you. During the process the home owner always has a say in the design and can choose materials or products that suit their desires. When choosing materials or products for your project it is always important to consider that the higher quality the material the more expensive it will be. We make decisions based on the clients budget as well as the importance of the material or product for the project.

Whether it is a smaller job such as painting or a full-scale remodeling project, large furniture is moved and protected by us. The smaller, more easily movable items are the responsibility of the homeowner to move.

Most of the time, the owner of Nexxus Remodeling, Tony Panterra, will be on the job site supervising to make sure all projects are completed to the highest of standards.

This can come with a lengthy explanation, but it often comes down to time, speed, quality and the availability of the contractors. One thing to be aware of is that the cheapest bid does not mean that it will come out to be the cheapest project. Sometimes contractors will underbid to win the job only to find out later that it costs more. This is why having an honest and upfront contractor is essential to a quality job completed on budget.

No, we do not offer financing. We can refer you to financial institutions to help you in the financing process.

No. We take payment via cash or check. Wires are also accepted.

Yes. We will handle all of that for you. Our team specializes in choosing materials, design features and finishes. Nexxus Remodeling can take the burden off of you while also working hand in hand with you to make sure that you love the final choices and outcome.

In most instances no. Homeowners will typically stay in the house during the remodeling process.

We are very cautious around children and pets. We do highly encourage homeowners to take care of their kids and pets as a precaution, though.

We run a company as a corporation and everyone that works with us is technically considered a subcontractor but we have had the same crew for 30 years.

If the scope of work does not change, then the project price does not change. We stick behind our bids to ensure full transparency. The price you are quoted is the price that will be paid for the service.

There is a job scope minimum. Each trade has its own minimum that we can discuss as we finalize the project. One thing to consider is that the larger the scope of work, the better the value ratio will be.

Yes. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews on Angi for you to see how pleased our past customers are.

We focus on complete jobs only. Therefore we do not come in for one part of a job.