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Nexxus Remodeling is a top-ranked siding contractor in Los Angeles with over three decades of experience. With top-notch technology, reliable services, and a pool of experts, we can install just about any siding material you need. You can reach us via our contact channels to book a consultation.

Why trust Nexxus Remodeling with your project

Licensed and insured

Nexxus Remodeling is a fully licensed siding contractor in Los Angeles. We have been issued our license (License # 822320) by the relevant construction authority in Los Angeles. As such, our company meets all requirements for most remodeling and general construction projects.

We also have liability insurance coverage for property damage and workers’ compensation. And the insurance will cover the costs in case of accidents and injuries. It means you won’t be liable for fatal accidents or property damages.


Nexxus Remodeling has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. We have installed and repaired sidings for many clients across Los Angeles and adjacent cities. Thanks to our unmatched expertise, we have garnered numerous positive reviews from our clients.

The experience has also helped us to pool relevant resources, tools, and best siding practices. We have you covered whether you want wood, fiber cement, or engineered wood siding. Moreover, experience has enabled us to stay abreast of industry trends, enabling our team to offer unique yet cost-effective siding services.

Best siding material

We are good at what we do and strive to use the best materials in the market. Thanks to our vast network of construction material suppliers and manufacturers, we ensure to work with high-quality materials regardless of the siding project.

It ensures the longevity of your house is bolstered while conforming to the building code of your local laws.


Nexxus Remodeling is among the few siding contractors in Los Angeles that employs only the best talent. We source our staff from the best institutions so you can get professional and satisfactory services. Besides, our team undergoes periodic training, ensuring they are well-versed with modern technology and best siding practices.

Reasonable pricing

We do not overprice or underprice our services. Instead, we strive to balance cost and quality within your budget. Our quotes have no hidden charges, making us among the few transparent remodeling companies in Los Angeles. Our goal is to ensure you get value for your money.

Exceptional customer service

Without you, Nexxus Remodeling wouldn’t be what it is; the best remodeling company in Los Angeles. As such, we strive to meet the needs of every client. Sometimes, we might visit your construction site two or three times to understand your requirements fully.

Top-notch technology

To prevent excessive use of power, we utilize eco-friendly and energy-efficient machines. They are also less noisy and mitigate the wastage of construction materials.

Thanks to their integrated safety features, there are no bodily injuries or electrical accidents.

Our services

Siding installation

Nexxus Remodeling offers satisfactory siding installation. We deal with wood, vinyl, metal, etc. Before installation, we discuss your needs and choose the best material. Your budget will influence which siding material we will use.

If, for example, you need a cost-effective siding material, we’d recommend using vinyl. Our team of experts will ensure to offer professional installation services, so the material can last for over two decades, depending on your choice of material.

Siding repair

We also repair existing siding, thanks to our expertise and technology. We can tackle warping and mold, ensuring your house is energy-efficient and keeping warm air inside and the cold air outside.

Physical damage – cracks, holes, or dents – is the most visible. We can repair such damage with ease, improving the longevity of your house siding.

Siding replacement

Siding in Los Angeles can begin to wear after many decades. As such, you need to replace it with a more durable and eye-appealing option. As a leading siding contractor in Los Angeles, we ensure to replace your worn-out siding with one that will elevate the aesthetic aspect of your house.

Our siding installation process

Home visit

Before installing siding, we visit your home to analyze your needs, allowing us to develop a project management process. Once we agree on the nitty-gritty aspects of your project, we will source the materials and dumpsters.

We will discuss the project’s timeline and scope with all participants, ensuring each understands their role. We will also obtain the necessary permit to avoid penalties and fines.

Tearing off the existing siding

The first yet messy step is to prepare your house for new siding. Our builders will remove the old siding, soffit, fascia, and trim. If there’s the presence of rodents and insects or water damage, we will eradicate the menace before installing the new siding. We will ensure to dispose of the old siding in an eco-friendly way.

Installing house wrap

After tearing off the old siding and eradicating any rot and water damage, we will install house wrap to protect the sheathing. The wrap also protects the flash doors and windows. Finally, we will tape the house wrap seams to prevent water intrusion.

Installing siding foundation

First, the interior starter strip is added to prevent interior and exterior problems. The strip is not visible, but it acts as an insulation material. Next, we will install the inside and outside corners. The corners give the siding an elegant, finished look and prevent future water damage. They also enable the siding to tuck into the corners correctly.

Installing J-Channel and J-Blocks

Since we aim to make our client’s houses appealing, we install J-Channels around the doors and windows. The channel also prevents water intrusion through these areas and covers the siding ends, giving it a neat finish.

The J-Blocks protect your house’s electrical components and power outlets from water intrusion. Not to mention improving the appearance of your home.

Installing the starter

The starter is installed around the building’s perimeter to protect and hold the first siding.

Installing the siding

It is the longest yet crucial step in siding. Our builders will level and nail the siding into place. They will then fit the siding into the J-Channels and J-Blocks for that neat finish.

As they go around your building, they will ensure the pieces lock tightly onto the surrounding ones and that the siding flows evenly around corners and obstacles.

Wrapping fascia, trim, and soffit

While an optional step, it involves installing aluminum wraps for the doors and windows. As such, they won’t need painting since the aluminum wrap will change the trim color. Using fascia and soffit will make the siding maintenance-free.


Once the siding installation is complete, we will clean the job site, inspect for any repairs and changes, and hand over the building to you.

Types of siding we install

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is a favorite among most homeowners in Los Angeles, thanks to its wide variety of styles and colors. It is also cost-effective compared to other siding materials. It is also energy-efficient, reducing energy bills by a whopping 20%.

It can last for at least 60 to 100 years with proper maintenance. Besides, it is easy to maintain since all you need is water and soap to clean it.

Metal siding

It is one of the unique siding materials. Our clients can choose between steel and aluminum for that distinct look. If you want a modern appearance for your building, this is the perfect choice for you. The best part? It complements other siding materials, such as wood.

It is energy-efficient since it reflects sun rays, keeping the interior cool during summer. It is exceptionally durable, lasting for decades. The only downside is the susceptibility to rust. For proper maintenance, metal siding needs regular cleaning and periodic paint job.

Wood siding

As a leading siding contractor in Los Angeles, we install wood siding of different types. Nexxus Remodeling got you sorted whether you need cedar board siding or engineered wood. Using wood siding makes your building more appealing, giving it that classic look.

Like vinyl siding, it is energy-efficient thanks to its natural insulation properties. Wood sidings are not durable since they are susceptible to sun damage and pests. Furthermore, they are not fire-resistant. You can, however, use proper coatings and paint to improve its durability.

Brick imitation siding

Brick imitation siding is another popular option for most homeowners in Los Angeles. It has many styles and color options, giving your building a classic yet sturdy look. Brick imitation siding comes ready to install and requires less labor than wood or metal siding.

Unfortunately, brick siding is not as energy-efficient as other options. That said, they are cheaper than wood and engineered wood sidings. The best part? It can last for over 100 years. All they require is regular cleaning to bolster their longevity.

Do you need siding installation?

Siding installation not only improves the aesthetic aspect of your house but also reduces energy bills, thanks to their insulation properties. Nexxus Remodeling is a siding contractor in Los Angeles that can help you install the ideal siding material. Give us a call today to book a consultation.

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