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About Nexxus Remodeling

Nexxus Remodeling has over 25 years of experience in the Los Angeles construction industry. We specialize in kitchen, bath and whole home remodels. We have earned hundreds of stellar reviews and many years of awards for quality construction and customer service.

We are a state licensed general contractor. We are bonded and insured with $2 million liability insurance and $1 million workers’ comp which qualifies us for bank funded construction loans.

Our attention to detail and high construction standards will help make your next home improvement project a success!

We are a full service construction company. That means that we are capable of performing a multitude of remodeling related projects. We can upgrade, fix, change or even build you a new home from the ground up!! This company is more suited towards larger remodels.

We now offer a full service Insurance related repair department. We will take on your insurance related fire, smoke, water damage and deal with the insurance company. All you worry about is your deductible and no out of pocket expenses.We will settle with your insurance company and deal with the head ache 100%. We do not do partial remodels like parts of a kitchen or bath but more of the complete scope of work. We also have no problems doing very, very small jobs but as long as they are a one trade jobs, and don’t require multiple tradesmen.

Nexxus bids jobs as a finished product. We don’t underbid or present false, low estimates just to get your business and raising the price once hired. We give the finished correct price first and that’s where it stays. So at first the estimate seems higher than the competition but at the end we are the better deal. The quality of our work force is second to none.

We are one of the highest rated contractors on industry web sites and social media. We have many reviews in all categories of construction and remodeling. We try very hard to stay in that position.

We are also not the cheapest of competitive bidders compared to other companies. Our price is our price and that’s it. You will find in some cases, estimates half of what we quote. We do not submit written bids to customers of any kind. Verbal bids only unless we are hired and then you will receive a full written contract. In situations where a written bid is necessary well then those bids vary from $350 to $500 per bid. We offer free estimates to homeowners only, not homes in escrow.

If you are serious about your remodel and are looking for a first rate company that cares about you and your house, is fast and honest, well then we are the company for you. We do not cut corners and do not rush jobs. We buy the best products available to us and use the best materials. Give us a try when you are ready. We don’t have sales reps and do not pay commission to any salesmen. I interview all customers personally and speak behalf of my own company. I don’t trust anyone to represent me. I will do that myself. I’m on the job site every day we work and on the phone with you any time you need. I worry 10 times for your job more than you ever can so sit back and relax. I got this.

Tony 🙂