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Testimonials – Nexxus Remodeling

Angie's LIst Super Service 2016

We earned the 2016 Super Service Award from Angie’s
List. The Award reflects consistent high levels of
customer service.

Current 2016 Super Service Awards

  • Remodeling – General
  • Carpentry – Woodworking
  • Decks & Porches
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Flooring Sales/Installation/Repair
  • Hardwood Flooring Sales/Installation/Refinishing
  • Drywall
  • Stucco
  • Painting – Exterior
  • Painting – Interior

Read our reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers.

First off, this is my first Angie’s List review. My wife and I have been Angie’s List members for years, long before we finally undertook our duplex remodel project beginning in 2014. In the years leading up to the remodel, we utilized Angie’s List to narrow down our search for contractors—interviewing over 30 general contractors/firms between 2010-2013 based upon the well thought out reviews of members like yourselves. We were in no rush, and we were working furiously to save up enough money to undertake this massive project: a complete remodel/restoration of a 5,100 sq/ft duplex built in 1930.

We were looking for someone that would give us an honest appraisal of the work of ahead of him; someone who valued our input and wasn’t constantly trying to low-ball the contractor who came before him. Having some background in construction, I had a good idea of the challenges/problems that lay ahead of us, but I would play dumb in these aforementioned contractor bid interviews—only giving the prospective GC my vision of the completed project. I wanted to see what they thought they’d encounter and how they would contend with unforeseen problems inside the walls of this 90 year-old duplex.

Time and again, every GC or his firm bid representative would down play the challenges ahead, giving my wife and me an entirely unrealistic low bid proposal with the caveat that “we would sort out the additional costs in the end.” They all seemed more concerned with what other firms I was speaking with and subsequently bad-mouthing and low-balling their competitors offers. Furthermore, they all called incessantly after the first meeting despite my repeated pleas of “not interested.” The only exception to this sad re-occurrence was Tony at Nexxus.

While Tony may look more the part of a ‘50s hot rodder than a general contractor, don’t let looks deceive you. On his initial visit, Tony did not try to pitch me on Nexxus from the get go; rather, he listened to my vision and then proceeded to walk with me (room by room) for over 2 hours, detailing his thoughts as well as the perceived challenges he thought may lay ahead. Additionally, he did not care to ask who I’d spoken with previously, nor did he try to give me an offer immediately upon finishing our long tour. Instead, we sat down and discussed things in detail, and agreed upon a preliminary per sq/ft cost proposal. Tony was the only contractor willing to do this—to agree to a completed vision on a per sq/ft basis, regardless of the unforeseen problems ahead of us. Sure, it wasn’t the cheapest offer by a long shot, but it was the only offer that was plausible, without hidden costs, and borne out by Tony’s thorough demonstration of his building knowledge and past experiences with similar structures. Two additional meetings and an 18-page contract later, we began an epic yearlong journey with Tony and his team at Nexxus. It was the best decision my wife and I ever made.

The Project: I’d like to speak to what it’s like working with Tony and his crew at Nexxus. We all come across the horror stories associated with contractors, and reading countless reviews on-line only heightens the apprehension involved in finally committing to one. Granted, there is a continual give-and-take with your GC, and it something that you want (albeit, there are days you’d rather be left alone). Signing the dotted line with Tony was the equivalent of entering a close-knit relationship overnight. There wasn’t a day that passed where one of us didn’t call each other. Even when Tony’s not available, he’s available—he returns calls from out of country if need be.

On every aspect of the project, Tony consulted us multiple times. When questions came up, he phoned us immediately. If some unforeseen challenge required a change in direction, he contacted us before going ahead. His entire mission is making sure you are happy with the finished product. When things did not pan out or look like my wife and I wanted, we always had a discussion about it. No detail was too small or insignificant for Tony. We never got into fights or yelling matches. Tony would come over at night, and we’d walk through our issues together. There would be a give and take for several minutes and we always came to an agreed upon solution that satisfied all parties involved. Most of the time, Tony himself would catch something he didn’t like and make his crew rip it out and start over; knowing full well that every time he did that, he was losing money on his end. It speaks volumes about Tony’s character and his pride of workmanship. He will not put his name on an inferior product.

The Final Product: We waited 6 months to place a review because we wanted to see whether all aspects of Tony’s work stood the test of time. Needless to say, they did! We have not had a single issue or problem in the months since completing the remodel. If we had, they would have been resolved already as Tony has called several times to check-in with us and see how we were doing. As I noted in the section above, he even sent his crew over (free of charge) to touch up paint and adjust some fixtures after we had moved in and dinged up a few walls.

In conclusion, I can’t say enough good things about Tony and his crew at Nexxus. A huge remodel is a stressful, foreboding undertaking, and I can’t imagine having made it through to the other side without Tony. Sure, he won’t be the cheapest bid out there, nor will he try to be. You get what you pay for in this industry, and if you want top-notch, high-quality work and customer service, then you shouldn’t look any further Nexxus. Tony and his team continually exceeded our expectations, going above and beyond the letter of the contract to make sure things were just right and to our liking. Lastly, if you’re considering Nexxus for a remodel of an older home/duplex, my wife and I would be happy to show you around with Tony on hand. We wouldn’t normally open our home to strangers, but we are eternally grateful to Tony, and we owe him as much for all he did for us. Going with Nexxus will be the best decision you ever made. Guaranteed.

James Duffy

Dear Tony, I gave your phone number to my upstair neighbor, Stephanie. She is an architect and is doing major remodeling. I told her my story and recommended you HIGHLY. She is a savvy shopper looking for various pieces of the project to be done by different people.

Good luck on that and let me know if you need any help. The building requires permits to be pulled from now on.

Lastly, I am SO sorry I went ahead with my firend and his “labor referral” rather than coming back to you. They talk a great talk, and start with a great price, but schmooze me out of getting things in writing then jack me later, over an extended drawn out project, just as you had tried to warn me about. Frankly I’d have never done the project had I known how much it would cost, but they are ending up costing me as much or more than you would have BUT with lots of hassle and cleanup - just some general unprofessional behavior; kind of a blue collar gay bashing really.

I get taken advantage of because I am very lax with letting my standards slide so people can have freedom of doing things their way and so on.

In summary, I apologize for not really listening to you like I should have. I hope I have learned my lesson this time and don’t have to repeat it again if I can ever afford to try again.

Lots of love to you and Lexy!

Terry S.
West Hollywood

If you are looking for high quality work that is performed timely, on budget and only with the best trained individuals, then Tony is your man.

Tony is a true professional who takes pride in his work and goes beyond the call of duty to ensure you are extremely satisfied every step of the way. When he says he treats the work as if it were his own home, he really means it.

Tony was tasked with managing a wide variety of trades and took all the workload and stress away of me, which is exactly what I was looking for. Tony demonstrated his ability to manage multiple tasks and have his team work in tandem to keep the project on time. His team worked every day for 5 weeks to bring a run down home into a new place that is truly stunning from floor to ceiling. When he states you a price and a timeline, he lives up to it. Tony called almost daily to provide a status update. I have had no experience with Tony or Nexxus prior to this engagement and found him on Angie’s list.

Note: Tony seeks out customers who are serious about having high end work performed, and can be aggressive on the phone if you’re a novice or are not sure what you are looking for.

My work was completed 45 days ago and there are no signs of poor work or installation on all items.

Work included:
  • Removing wood paneling from walls and replace with new insulation and dry wall.
  • Remove acoustic ceiling and in some cases, put drywall on the ceiling to smooth it out
  • Paint the entire interior with high end paint
  • Upgraded/replaced all baseboards
  • Installed over 30 recessed lights
  • Walled off kitchen pass through
  • Installed new high end French doors
  • Installed new garage entrance door and back door
  • Replaced electrical panel with new 220 (was 110)
  • Stucco exterior around newly installed doors and where the original electrical panel was placed
  • Removed and installed new HVAC; including all new ducts
  • Installed all new appliances
  • Installed new gas line for new stove (was electrical)
  • Refinished the hardwoods floors throughout entire home
  • Replaced all fixtures with new high end switches, many of which are now on a dimmer
  • Upgraded all outlets
  • Built new wood covering for crawl space under house

Michael Simms

My Parents have an older home (Early 60's) that needed a fair amount of general work done. There were leaky windows, some electrical corrections, stucco repair, interior/exterior paint, and a variety of drywall repairs. They also upgraded the electrical box to 200amp service and installed some exterior lighting and fencing. There was plenty of work to correct less than stellar repairs by previous contractors.

I thought the work was done to a very high degree. My mom has the following to say: I can only say good things about Nexxus, Tony the owner and the very helpful team he has put together. Francisco and his group, such hard workers. Fixed the windows that were poorly installed by another company and leaked so badly when it rained. Built two very sturdy and good looking gates.

John the electrician and Carlos who did some changes for me in addition and more importantly upgraded our electrical box to 200 amps. There was much stucco repair work done as a result of the windows and the electrical box.

The painters, Carlos, Oscar and the group readied the stucco and wood for painting. Carlos and Tony were so helpful in helping to choose the colors, I took their advice and am very pleased. Very tasteful combination. Carlos painted an inside wall too. Matched the paint perfectly.

Whenever the guys would come into the house for varied reasons they were so neat, always took their shoes off. Very respectful. The whole team answered all my questions, no matter how repetitive I was. I intend to use Nexxus again for other things that need updating and attention.

Thank you Nexxus!

Patrick G.
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381

First of all, if I could give this company a AA rating - I certainly would.

The owner, Tony Panterra, met with me and we discussed all details of the job. I am extremely particular about quality and within our discussion I was assured, and felt, Tony and his crew would do the best work required.

The price seemed a bit high but as my mother used to say, "You get what you pay for". I wanted an A1 job and that is what I got.

I did recommend Tony and his crew to a friend who, also, was extremely pleased with the work.

Larry C.

Pre -project, during project and AFTER project explanations and follow-through were done to our satisfaction. All done by a professional, yet friendly, crew. They even worked on the week ends! Clean up done nicely after the work was done.

Would recommend Nexxus Remodeling to anyone needing work to be done around the house. Would like to have paid less, but would not like to have gotten less than the best.

Howard D.

This is the 2nd time i have used Nexxus Remodeling Inc. It is such a relief and comfort to deal with a company that is so professional and that does such high quality work. Tony and his team are absolutely excellent. I have no qualms or hesitation about using them. I know they will do the work promptly and that it will be done well. They are efficient and so clean in their work. They always pick up after themselves. The workers are all courteous and professional. I will use Tony and his team again in the future, i have no doubt.

The roof was a big job. I previously had composite shingles that were laid on top of wood shake. I had no idea. After Tony explained it to me, I did a lot of research online and was very concerned to see what a fire hazard that was. Tony and his team did a great job tearing that down (with no impact on my neighbors) and replacing it with a beautiful high qualify composite shingle roof. I also researched the materials he was using and they were all very highly rated.

That is what you get with Nexxus. Top quality materials and top quality labor. I highly recommend Tony and his team.

Natacha R.

Tony came on Sunday afternoon punctually, and advised us of our options, two of which (retractable to fixed cloth awnings) he could not provide -- but he told us of them anyway. We decided on the higher-end (not corrugated) flat rigid awning with posts.

He called Tuesday to say his crew would be there Wednesday or Thursday (we are at home, so it didn't matter which day). They arrived Wednesday at 3 PM and finished at 5 PM. It looks beautiful. We wish we had done this years ago.

Five years ago we had Nexxus do a complete remodel of our bathroom, which still looks beautiful. Tony is very communicative, he doesn't come in above estimate, and he is totally reliable. If you don't want contractor hassles (disappearing crews for days, non-responsiveness, extra costs above estimate, poor clean-up, etc.) you'll be pleased with his service.

Robert K.

This the 3rd time I used this service including Carpentry woodworking, plumbing repairs, faucet replacement, and general handyman services.

I am very pleased to have a complete service provider. Even though it was the 3rd time Tony and his crew treated the job like it was the first time. The projects were well done and oversight was consistent.

Holly T.

I have used Tony Panterra and his crew for over a decade. His painter Francisco is the best. They come on time and finish the job on time. Tony is very involved in EVERY aspect of the job. This time I had Hardwood floors put in my home office. That room was also painted and repaired a large water damaged whole. Perfect job! Tony also had his electrician install a floodlight to my porch. Perfect job. I also had Tony touch up exterior house paint.