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09/12/2008 – John M

It went perfectly. First, sanding away the imperfections left by the previous painters years ago. Then the primer coat, and finally, the black glossy paint. It took a full two days because it was done right. (The previous painters never even used primer.) Tony Panterra, the head of the company, is a good guy and a perfectionist. His painters under the supervision of Carlos are professionals, showing up on time, working every minute in the hot sun, except for a brief break for lunch.

Description of work:

Relatively small job, but a big deal to my wife: painting a 150 foot, six foot tall metal backyard fence.

CategoryPainting – Exterior

  • Services PerformedYes
  • Cost$1000
  • Hire AgainYes
John Marshall
10950 Alta View Drive
Studio City, CA 91604