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03/14/2009 – John M

It is the second time we’ve hired Nexxus Remodeling, Inc. The first was a relatively small job, painting a large backyard fence. But we were impressed with the quality of the work and the fair price. So when our roof started leaking, we decided to call Tony Pantera again. He offered to come out that morning to stop the leak because more heavy rain was forecast. I had already put a large tarp over the leaking area, large windows in the roof structure of our two story home. When the rain stopped,Tony and I went up to assess the damaged area along with his roofing guy and his window guy. Once we got up there, we got a close look at the problem. The roof was about ten years beyond its expected life. What wasn’t leaking now was due to leak soon. So I bit the bullet and decided on a new roof as well as the repair of the extensive leak damage around the windows. We decided to go first class with Owens Corning composite shingles called “Oakridge,” guaranteed to last 30 years. 3,800 square feet is a big roof. It wasn’t cheap, but we considered it a good investment. No more leaks. If we ever sell the home, we’ll get it back. We also decided to replace the large old, worn skylight in the roof with a new, updated model. I’ll try to keep this story short. The bottom line is: the job was done immediately. It was done professionally. Removing the old roof was a dirty job with debris flying all over the place, but by the end of the first day, you couldn’t tell they were there—except for the fact the old roof was gone. No rain for forecast for two weeks, but on a Sunday afternoon, the weatherman surprised everyone with a new forecast of overnight rain. Tony’s workers came out on their day off and tar papered the entire roof making it fully waterproof. A huge tarp was laid over the area that had leaked before as an extra precaution. The rain, it turned out, was no problem. Tony’s workers, supervised by Francisco and Carlos, showed up on time, if not early, each day. They worked hard with a brief half hour lunch during the noon hour. Tony showed up two or three times a day to make sure everything was being done right, and it was. It was not an easy project, especially the heavily damaged ceiling under the leaking window structure. But it looks better than new now. My wife, who is very picky, could not be more pleased. In fact, the interior painting went so well, my wife decided to ask Tony to have Carlos and his crew repair and paint the 1,000 feet of fence that runs around the front of the house and down our 600 foot driveway. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nexxus Remodeling to my friends, and I will do just that. I’ll be doing them a favor. It’s hard these days to find professionals who do the highest quality work at a fair price and care about the work they do. They bent over backwards to make sure we were completely happy with the project before they were finished. I wanted to keep this short, but that’s hard to do!

Description of work:

New 3,800 square foot composite shingle roof. Repair extensive damage due to leak around large windows and roof. Drywall repair, the ceiling and wall below leak. Interior painting of repaired ceiling. Outside painting of windows and flashing to match new roof. Remove and replace old, worn out large skylight with a new top of the line window. Painting and repair 1,000 foot outdoor fence that runs around the front of the house and down a 600 foot driveway.

CategoryDrywall, Fencing, Lighting, Roofing, Windows, Painting – Exterior, Painting – Interior

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  • Cost$17850
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John Marshall
10950 Alta View Drive
Studio City, CA 91604