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08/19/2006 – LISA W

Tony and his team are outstanding. They were all polite, showed up on time, and cleaned up each day. Tony has excellent work ethics and makes sure every detail is worked out to the client’s satisfaction, not just his. He calls every morning to advise what will happen that day and calls at night to advise, what will happen the next day. There was one issue with the tile. It was due to be shipped ten days from the order date, but we were then advised that it would take several weeks to make the tile. Tony even offered to go to Mexico (TJ) to find the handcrafted tile! This is just one example of how Tony goes out of his way to please his clients. He ultimately found the tile locally (same color, just with a shinny finish) which we were pleased with and the job finished with ease. We would definitely use NEXXUS again, for other jobs around our vintage home.

Description of work:

A complete remodel and demo that included repairing all the damaged drywall and floorboards. The walls were resurfaced and painted. Installation included two new vinyl windows, tub, toilet, pedestal sink, lots of fixtures, tile in the Wayne’s coating style. In addition, four canned lights were added. Two custom cabinets were made to go along side the pedestal sink.

CategoryCabinet Making, Ceramic Tile, Drywall, Flooring Sales/Installation/Repair, Lighting, Plumbing, Windows, Remodeling – Kitchen & Bathroom, Painting – Interior

  • Services PerformedYes
  • Cost$23300
  • Hire AgainYes
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423